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<p> Page 1 of 1 </p> <p>Postal address Wapro AB Munkahusvgen 103 SE-374 32 Karlshamn SWEDEN </p> <p> Tel: +46 454 185 10 Fax: +46 454 123 38 </p> <p> Reg.nr: 556352-1466 Registered office: Karlshamn, Sweden VAT nr: SE556352-1466 </p> <p> email: wapro@wapro.se Website: www.wapro.se </p> <p>Case Story The Torch Hotel, Qatar </p> <p> The Aspire Tower, also known as Torch Hotel, is a 300-metre (984 ft) tall skyscraper hotel located in the Doha Sports City complex in Doha, Qatar. The hotel received many complaints from their customers of bad smell in the hotel rooms and some of the common areas. The reason to the smell was the fact that the hotels sewage piping is connected directed to the main sewer line. The odor travelled backwards in the system from the main sewer line and into the hotel. The management team was looking for a solution to stop the bad smell from the sewage system and to reach an odor free environment in the hotel. The solution was to install five Wastop valves of different sizes in the manholes connecting the sewage pipes from the hotel to the main sewer line. The Wastop valves prevented the bad smelling gas in the system to go backwards in the system. After the installation of the Wastop valves, there is no smell from the sewage system and no more complaints from customers about bad odor. </p>