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The Monitor Newspaper for April 16th 2014

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  • Your Community Newspaper ~ Roxby DownsMonitorThe

    Volume 11, Wednesday, April 16, 2014www.themonitor.com.au Phone (08) 8671 2683 Fax (08) 8671 2843



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    S tage One of the Desert Trade Training Centre (DESTTC) was handed to the Roxby Downs Area School last Friday with local woodwork classes to re up in the new facilities in week two of Term 2.

    The $1.95 million development took more than three years to get o the ground, but with the support of BHP Billiton was nally approved for funding by the Department of Edu-cation, Employment and Workplace Relations in 2013.

    According to Project key stake-holder liaison Tony Holden, the Stage One handover a brand new woodworks area will facilitate a couple hundred students a week in

    between four and ve classes a day.What this (the new space) does, is

    it allows us to give kids an introduc-tion into basic woodwork and car-pentry and lead them into the senior school into courses like building and construction, civic construction, and those sorts of areas, Mr Holden told Th e Monitor last week.

    (Theres) a lot more room and its a lot safer, the machines are a lot more spread out a lot more oper-ating room, plus as you can see its a modern facility and up to date tech-nology, so its a huge improvement.

    A state of the art dust extraction unit will keep the air in the facility clean, and numerous skylights light up the area.

    Th e capacity to remove dust and

    keep the area clean in here is greatly improved to what it used to be. Its very bright in here the skylights and that all adds to it for sure, Mr Holden said.

    Th e area also has the scope to in-clude electronic data projectors in the space enabling classes to be taught theory lessons in the area as well as practical.

    The space within the existing TAFE building that was previous-ly used for woodworks is currently being transformed into an area for electro-technology, and will be hand-ed over with the rest of the project by the end of June.

    Were really excited about it cant wait to get in here and our techy (teacher Norm Evans) is very keen

    to be moving in! Mr Holden said.Roxby Downs Area School Princi-

    pal Steve Bennett said a lot of hard work had gone into the project.

    Its now getting to the point where the building is literally going to be accessible for kids next term, he said.

    Continued on Page 2.


    S tudents from Mrs Sally Cormacks Year 1/2 class vis-ited the Pie R Squared bakery last Friday as a special end of term Easter treat.

    The students were greeted by Lauren and Matt OLoughin, whose son is also in Mrs Cor-macks class. Th ey spoke about the wonders of the bakery and children decorated their very on hot cross buns and ate them after they were cooked in an industrial sized oven.

    Mrs Cormack said she enjoyed involving her class in the community helping students rec-ognise the people and businesses they so often see down the street.

    We are excited to have the kids from the Area School here with us, Lauren added.

    They enjoyed deco-rating and eating their own hot cross buns for Easter!

    Th e Monitor would like to wish all of our readers a Happy and Safe Easter this weekend.

    Stage one completed!

    Norm Evans, Glyn Griffi ths, Principal Steve BEnnet and Tony Holden from RDAS with Andrew Faulkner (BESTEC), Geoff Hodge

    (Greenways architects) and Mark Stephenson (Bestec).




  • Page 2 -- Wednesday, April 16, 2014 www.themonitor.com.au THE MONITOR - Your Community Newspaper



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    Roxby Downs and Olympic Dam expe-rienced a blanket power outage last Th ursday with no supply from 10am until full restoration at 2pm.

    Transmission provider Electranet said on Friday they were aware of the outage, and were conducting an investigation as to the cause.

    We really just havent got enough information on it and obviously wed tell our customers rst once we get the information.

    Its just too early in the investigation stage, a company representative said.

    Backup generators kept some areas at the Olym-pic Dam mine site and businesses in town such as BP alive, but many locals had to shut up shop for the duration of the outage.

    Th e Roxby Tavern saw the outage as ample op-portunity to o er locals a free sausage sizzle and still (relatively) cold beer.

    Roxby Council also advised residents to turn o all electrical appliances at the wall to avoid power spikes and surges. BY MILLIE THOMAS

    Local police are asking the public to remove or rectify unregistered or un-roadworthy vehicles from the road or road related areas.Senior Sergeant Terry Boylan said with residents

    from every state working in Roxby often vehicle owners miss seeing letters sent home reminding them to re-register their vehicles.

    Roxby Downs police are concerned about what appears to be unregistered vehicles or un-roadworthy vehicles that appear to be left standing left parked on roads or road related areas and we ask people to either move them or register them or rectify them, Snr Sgt Terry Boylan told Th e Monitor last week.

    Applications for smart phones are available to re-mind vehicle owners to re-register their vehicles be-fore they expire.

    Th e EzyReg smartphone application services South Australian owned vehicles, License Alert services Western Australia, NSW Rego for New South Wales, NT Rego for the Northern Territory, and vre.vicroads.vic.gov.au for Victoria is smartphone friendly.

    Tasmania o ers an online registration service at www.transport.tas.gov.au/registration_information and a registration form for Queensland vehicles can be downloaded at https://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/Forms/QF3518. ACT re-newelas can be made at www.rego.act.gov.au/regis-trations/regorenewal. Th e ACT service also o ers an email reminder for registration. BY MILLIE THOMAS


    One of Roxby Downs most abundant verte-brae the Trilling Frog has been surfacing in the muddy desert playground in the last week in huge numbers.

    Th e Trilling Frog, Neobatra-chus centralis, normally surface after a large amount of rain in

    the desert so after last weeks 30 odd millimetress of rain-fall its not surprising the little critters poked their heads out of the sand.

    Th e Trilling Frog grows up to approximately ve centimetres long, and typically lives up to 90 centimetres under the ground, according to an Arid Recovery study.

    They protect themselves from dehydration by secreting a substance from their pores

    whi ch builds a protective co-coon around their bodies, an Arid Recovery spokesperson said.

    Th e frogs can survive under-ground for years before surfac-ing with the rain.

    Possibly surviving for years like this underground, the Trill-ing Frogs will surface with rain.

    Once on the surface they can commonly be found on the edges of clay pans and gilgais, calling out with a trilling noise

    to their friends, the Arid Re-covery spokesperson said.

    Acclimatised to typically dry desert conditions, the Trilling Frogs breed quickly tak-ing advantage of being above ground in normally short peri-ods of wet weather.

    As the water begins to dry up, the frogs will once again bury themselves within the soil, pos-sibly waiting years before the next rains come again.

    Trilling frogs spread across region

    Power outages

    Police honing in on unregistered & un-roadworthy


    A curious looking frog found near Roxby Downs recently.

    Continued from front page

    One pathway that has been identified of particular bene t to the children lear