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This slides show the main points which one should take in consideration while making a effective presentation.

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  • 1.PRESENTATION SKILLS PRESENTED BY: ISHA VORA En roll:13210107062 Branch: Computer Engineering

2. WHAT IS PRESENTATION SKILL? A presentation is a means of communication which can be adapted to various speaking situations, such as talking to a group, addressing a meeting or briefing a team. Presentation is an organized way to put across our ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc.before a group of people. It is a systematic form of communication and therefore it has a logical beginning, middle, and end. 3. BASIC STEPS FOR PREPARING PRESENTATION Research for the content Selection of the content Decide the strategy Writing script 4. STRUCTURE OF THE PRESENTATION Opening Body of the presentation Conclusion 5. PLANNING FOR EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION The purpose of presentation Know your audience Select your content Place and time Mode of presentation Detailed preparation 6. ASPECTS IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF A GOOD PRESENTATION Subject Centered(Material) Audience Centered(Audience) Self Centered(Self) 7. THE IMPORTANCE OF 3AS IN PRESENTATION Audience Action of Audience Argument 8. PUBLIC SPEAKING-ONE TYPE OF PRESENTATION Public speaking is to speak in front of large group of people with the purpose of informing, creating awareness, advising or entertaining the listeners. 9. GUIDELINES FOR EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SPEECH Be familiar with the place Try to know your audience Practice your speech Be relaxed Be confident Focus on the message 10. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PUBLIC SPEECH AND A PRESENTATION Audience is generally large. The occasion is more general. No interaction Visual are not used The purpose is to congratulate, entertain, inform Audience is compact. The occasion is more specific. Includes interaction Visuals are used The purpose is to inform, explain, persuade Public Speech Presentation 11. SURVEY OF THE METHOD OF PRESENTATION SKILL 12. THANK YOU