13. F2012 1066 and the Bayeux Tapestry

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1066 Vikin g Wessex Norman The louder just law was talked about, the more unlawful things were done. The A-S Chronicle, 1066

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The last of Anglo-Saxon England and the coming of William the Conqueror

Transcript of 13. F2012 1066 and the Bayeux Tapestry

  • 1. WessexNormanViking The louder just law was talked about, the more unlawful things were done.The A-S Chronicle, 1066

2. 1.The Prince of Wales2. The Duke ofTHE LINE OFCambridge3. Prince Henry of Wales4. TheSUCCESSIONDuke of York5. Princess Beatrice of York6.2012Princess Eugenie of York7. The Earl ofWessex8. Viscount Severn9. The LadyLouise Mountbatten-Windsor10. The PrincessRoyal35. Miss Estella Taylor36. The Hon. AlbertWindsor37. The Hon. Leopold Windsor38.The Lord Frederick Windsor39. The LadyGabriella Windsor40. Princess Alexandra, theHon. Lady Ogilvywww.royal.gov.uk 3. Harthacanute 1041 Edward returnsto England 1042 Harthacanutedies at a weddingfeast 4. Succession Danish Claimants Harold of Denmark, died 1043 Swein of Denmark preoccupied with own kingdom Norwegian Claimant Magnus purportedly in pact with Harthacnute Edward Welcomed by Harthacanute Championed by Godwine, Leofric and Siward 5. Coronations of Edward and Edith 6. Edward the King Opted out of Norway-Denmarkconflict 1050 Dismisses Navy 1051 Abolishes heregeld 1051 Robert of Jumieges, Archbishop ofCanterbury Administrative apparatus entrusted to others 7. Norman Influences 8. Edward the Confessor 9. Godwine Appointment ofStigand toWinchester in1047; Canterburyin 1052 1051 The Doverfracas 1051 Get thee to anunnery Dies 1053 10. Godwinesons Harold, Earl of Wessex 1055 Tostig, Earl of North 1057 Gyrth, Earl of East Anglia 1057 Leofwine, Earl of E. Midlands 1057 Leofric of Mercia dies Leofrics son, Aelfgar, banished in 1055;returns 1062 Aelfgar dies; his sons ally of Harold 11. Earl Harold m. Ealdgyth, daughterof Aelfgar Harold, son of Godwine kneels before King Edward 12. WestminsterAbbey 13. Westminster Abbey 14. Jumiges 15. Death of EdwardEdithHaroldI commend this woman and all thekingdom to your protection 16. Succession - Different CustomsNormandy A bequest, made formally, in the presence of witnesses, it could not legally be revokedEngland Verba novissima An act made on ones death-bed, in extremis, was taken to supersede previous donations of the same propertyJohn S. Beckerman Succession in Normandy, 1087, and inEngland, 1066: The Role of Testamentary CustomSpeculum, Vol. 47, No. 2 (Apr., 1972), pp. 258-260 17. Opposed by Eadwineof Mercia and Morcarof Northumbria 18. England 1066Sons of Godwine 19. Norwegian InvasionHaraldHardrada 20. The ForcesNorway and TostigHarold 300-500 ships Edwin and Morcar 3000-5000 men Forces brought fromsouth in fast march 21. Stamford Bridge 22. Defeat of Combined Forces 23. Timeline September 25 Stamford Bridge September 28 William lands October 5 Harold reaches London October 14 Battle of Hastings 24. Sussex 25. Bayeux TapestryBattle ofHastings 26. King Edgar Initially supported byArchbishops Ealdred of York, Stigand of Canterbury; EarlsMorcar and Edwin Harolds revenge hiatus at Dover burning of Southwark circling of London Surrender at Berkhamsted 27. The 1997 AdditionSurrender of the English 28. Christmas 1066 29. Have a GreatWinter BreakOsher resumes February 4, 2013 For those interested this classresumes with the Normans