120 – 150 BPM Mineral Water Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping ... ... After completion of the...

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Transcript of 120 – 150 BPM Mineral Water Bottle Rinsing Filling Capping ... ... After completion of the...


    Shed No. A/4, 5 Acre, Kothari Compound,   Chitalsar, Manpada, Thane (w) - 400 607 

    120 – 150 BPM Mineral Water Bottle Rinsing Filling  Capping Machine 





    Technical Specifications   

    Sr.  MODEL  FSF 120-150-BPM 

    1  Output/Hr. (Ref. 1Lt.Size)  7200-9000 

    2  Configuration Rines-Filler-Capper  20.20.8 

    3  Bottle Size Range  200 to 2000 ml 

    4  In Feed Air Conveyor ( Meter / Feed )  4.5 Meter , 15 Feet 

    5  Out Feed SS Slat Conveyor ( Meter / Feed )  8 Meter , 25 Feet 

    6  Machine Type  Mechanical 

    Special Features  ● Mono Block Rotary Machine 

    ● Neck Holding 

    ● No Bottle No Rinsing No Filling and No Capping 

    ● Non Contact Sensors for Bottle Counter 

    ● Separate cap hopper having a capacity of 5400 caps 

    ● Material of Construction Contact Parts SS 316 rest SS 304 





    Operation Cycle 



    The empty bottles are loaded manually OR              automatically from blow molding machine feed           

    air conveyor where air at high pressure from a                 

    blower is used for conveying bottles supported             

    at the neck up to the in feed bottle transfer                   

    rotor. The air conveyor permits different bottle             

    sizes to run without making any adjustments. 


    The bottles are transferred to rinse rotor by                the infeed bottle transfer rotor. Bottles are             

    held at the neck during transfer. 






    The automatic rinse rotor has spring loaded              grippers mounted radially which pick up bottles             

    one by one from the infeed transfer rotor. The                 

    bottle is inverted against a lever on the rinse                 

    valve to start the rinsing operation. Thus we               

    have NO BOTTLE – NO RINSE. Bottles are               

    washed for up to three seconds each, before               

    draining (for removal of residual water) and up               

    righting for transfer to the filling rotor. The               

    rinsing medium is generally product water. 


    The internationally accepted and approved          VENT PIPE filling principle ensures accurate           

    level filling without spillage. The filling           

    accuracy is +- 5ml. The fill tank level is                 

    regulated automatically by a PLC controlled           

    electronic probe. 






    After completion of the filling operation, bottles              are transferred to the capping rotor by the out                 

    cap picking rotor, the bottles neck are picking               

    up caps. With NO BOTTLE NO CAP arrangement               

    is there. 

      AUTOMATIC CAP ELEVATOR Caps are stored in a SS 304 ground level                  hopper mounted at the base on the elevator               

    column. The caps are elevated/oriented and           

    they are diverted into the cap chute leading to                 

    the filling machine. The operation of the             

    elevator is controlled automatically by a           

    control panel mounted sensors, stops the cap             

    elevator automatically once the chute gets           

    filled to capacity and restarts it on the caps                 

    get consumed. 






    OUTFEED SLAT CONVEYOR Bottles after the completion of the rinse – fill-                  seal cycle are discharged on to the outfeed               

    SS304 slat conveyor. The bottles are visually             

    inspected against fluorescent background light         

    for detection of particles bottles. Mounted on             

    the inspection lamp. Also the bottles are             

    counted with the help of a sensor which gives                 

    digital count on the control panel indicating             

    finished bottles. Put neck and body sleeve             

    manually on line conveyor. Bottle will pass             

    through Heat shrink tunnel gets labeled. There             

    after the bottle are picked up manually for               

    cartooning. After which the finished bottles are             

    picked up manually for cartooning.