11 September 2020 | 1pm-5pm Singapore Time (GMT+8)

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Transcript of 11 September 2020 | 1pm-5pm Singapore Time (GMT+8)

11 September 2020 | 1pm-5pm Singapore Time (GMT+8)
Media support
„Possibilities for food and food production is on the rise in Vietnam. More and more, the
Vietnamese people are interested in and willing to pay for healthy and high quality products”
Netherland Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Market report for 2020
CONFERENCE THEME: Formulation, processing, preservation, packaging, contamination prevention and hygiene of production of nutraceutical & bioactive F&B products and how to pack them with high quality, durable and attractive packaging.
• No more missed opportunities – your videos, exhibition booth, promotional material and lead collecting
information will stay online and available for X months after the event!
• Improved Lead Generation – you have access to every booth’s visitor information – so you will know who got
interested by your product, even if they were too shy to ask you a question!
• More opportunities for connecting and promoting – engage in 1-on-1 face-to-face video calls with your booth
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• Safe & Convenient – no cost of travelling, no health hazards, no limitations!
Food & Beverages sector accountes for 15% of
Vietnam’s GDP and exhibits steady 7% annual
growth. Morover, due to China-USA tenstions
FDI have seen a rapid surge as more and more
companies move their production to Vietnam.
Vietnam’s economic momentum continued
throughout the first quarter of 2019, with GDP
growth anticipated to be the highest in ASEAN
from 2019-2023. In a region with strong private
consumption, Vietnam is set to top ASEAN
forecasts to 2023 and with Vietnam Dong being
one of the region’s most stable currencies over
the recent past years, the business environmet of
Vietnam looks extremely promising!
Vietnam – ASEAN’s F&B Tiger
Despite having almost 3 times smaller population than Indonesia, Vietnam is chasing her for
the title of the biggest Ready To Drink market in ASEAN region with market worth of $3.37
billion US, leaving Thailand at number 3.
Vietnam's export turnovers for processed foodstuffs and agricultural products totalled more
than $40 billion US in 2018. Vietnamese products have been present in 200 countries and
regions, including the United States and Japan. Currently Vietnam occupies the position
of the biggest exporter of dried fruits and nuts in ASEAN (valued at $6 billion US)
and 3rd biggest exporter of instant noodles in ASEAN (valued at $238 million USD).
Event Delegates Dynamics
To support this goal, we’ve built a strong base of supporters both domestically and
internationally, that can assist you not only in finding out more about Vietnamese market,
but most importantly assist in connecting manufacturers and suppliers across the Food
and Beverag industry.
The goal of ASEAN Food and Beverage Manufacturing Summit is to create a for providing
in-depth information about market trends and technological processes used in Food & Beverage
manufacturing and Manufacturers to connect with technology, machinery and solution suppliers in
purpose of developing their business capabilities:
Food and Foodstuff Assocciation of Ho Chi Minh City (FFA) –
one of the most important and active organizations in the vibrant
south of Vietnam consists of biggest F&B manufacturers in the
associating contract packaging companies, that serve Vietnamese F&B
TRANSFORMERS –primary processors (responsible for turning raw materials into food ingredients through cleaning, sorting, milling and other preparations)
CONVERTERS – secondary processors (the biggest group – responsible for creating products we all recognize – through mixing, cooking and in other ways further processing inredients)
PACKAGERS (one, if not the most important group – as packaging design – it’s look, functionality, information it contains is usually one of the deciding factors in consumers’ decision making process)
Vietnam Beer, Liquor and Beverage Association – a non-
governmental voluntary organization of Vietnamese businesses with a
purpose to link, cooperate and support each other in developing new
technical means of production, business and service.
Who can you meet during ASEAN Food and Beverage
Manufacturng Summit 2020
Beverages, Beers and Liquor, Tea, Coffee & other Drinking Products
• Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage (SPVB)
• Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group
• Liwayway Food Industry Co., Ltd.
• Asia Tea Co., Ltd.
• Masan Consumer Holdings Company Limited
• Tuong An Vegetable Oil JSC (TAC)
• Golden Hope Nha Be Edible Oils Co. Ltd.
• Wilmar Agro Viet Nam Co Ltd.
Snack Foods (savory and sweet snacks, nuts)
• Tan Tan Food & Foodstuff Co.
• Orion Food Vina Food Co., Ltd.
• VINAMIT Joint Stock Company
Prepared Meals
• Uni-President Vietnam
Confectionary Products and Breakfast Cereals
• Bibica Joint Stock Company (Bibica)
• Hai Ha Confectionery Jsc. (Hahaco)
• Mondelez Kinh Do Vietnam
• Trang An Confectionery Company
• Vimaflour Ltd.
• Gentraco Corporation
NEW invited visitors of ASEAN Food and Beverage Manufacturing Summit 2020 Ho Chi Minh City | July 15-16
Vinut (Nam Viet Foods & Beverage Co.,Ltd)
Nestle Vietnam
Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group (THP)
Kirin Beverage Vietnam Co. Ltd.
Asia Food and Beverage Company Limited - WANA Beverage (Asia Food & Beverage Co., Ltd) is...
Pasteur Street Brewing Company (PSBC)
Chuong Duong Beverage JSC
URC Vietnam
FrieslandCampina Vietnam
Gasaco Food Processing Company Limited
Nafoods Group JSC.
Wine Food Co., LTD
Nawon Food & Beverage Company
Binh Dinh Son Co.
Công Ty Công Danh
Anco Family Food
VISSAN Joint Stock Company
Vi Nguyen Co., Ltd.
dried fruit and vegetables.
Food & Beveregae
packaging line efficiency.
2. Modified atmosphered
biodegradabe materials.
In 2020 Ringier Events will tackle the most important issues for
sustaining the development rate of the F&B industry in Vietnam:
1. Increasing output capacity through automation.
2. The role of blockchain technology in an integrated manufacturing
5. Implementing Sustainability Principals – for both customer
recognition and cost-saving.
unit automation.
rapidly shifting consumer
management to increase
Automated Workforce
Face-To-Face Communication
gain insight from top R&D teams in the field
of F&B industry. Learn the regional trends and
future manufacturing directions following
companies from Vietnam.
Meet New Suppliers and Agents Meet potential partners in Vietnam and ASEAN through networking activities during Ringier’s
Business Summits.
Build Your Business Network
Focus on Food and Beverage manufacturers and successfully meet your target business partners
through Vietnamese associations.
Learn From The Industry Experts
Discover new products, services and solutions for your business to achieve higher profitability.
Visit Exhibitors' Booths and request
one-on-one business meeting
products and services at our exhibition area. If
needed, our staff can organize a one-on-one
meeting in a private room with the supplier of
your choice for in-depth business meeting.
Taking advantage of powerful media resources, Ringier Conference covers the industries of plastics, food, personal care, medicine & health care, nonwovens, coatings & ink, automobile, metal, mold & die, package, composite material, and the latest technologies. Since 2003, we organize over 20 high level conferences bringing industry leaders together for information exchange and networking opportunities in China and successfully extend into S.E.Asia from 2014.
A series of conferences in S.E.Asia that cater specifically to industry verticals like metalworking technology, plastics processing, automotive, food beverage processing & packaging representing growth sectors in many S.E. Asia countries. These sectors require high levels of technology and upgrading to meet the growing needs of sophisticated consumers both domestically and for export markets.
Conferences organized by Ringier not only provide industry leaders with the latest technologies, but also help Greater China enterprises innovatively explore new markets. For more information, please visit www.ringierevents.com
Mr. Timothy