11 Hidden Waterfalls In Kerala That Will Take Your Breath Away

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Transcript of 11 Hidden Waterfalls In Kerala That Will Take Your Breath Away

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Famous Waterfalls in Kerala

Thommankuthu WaterfallThusharagiri WaterfallNyayamkadu WaterfallMeenmutty WaterfallAthirappilly WaterfallPalaruvi WaterfallCheeyappara waterfallMulamkuzhi WaterfallDhoni WaterfallSoochipara WaterfallPerunthenaruvi Waterfall

List of Famous Waterfalls in Kerala

#1: Thommankuthu WaterfallThis is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kerala that offers magnificent views to its visitors. This scenicThommankuthuwaterfall is a seven step waterfall. The commendable landscape views enable you to appraise this Gods own country and you will love to stay here for the long time.

#2: Thusharagiri WaterfallThis snowflake look like waterfall is located at around 50kms away from Calicut. The rays of the beautiful sun are directly reflected to the water surface which gives an awesome scene to this waterfall.Image Ref: Thusharagiri -Waterfalls


#3: Nyayamkadu WaterfallThis popular waterfall is situated about 10 km from Munnar, on the way to Rajamalai. This scenic waterfall is surrounded with lush green vegetation which looks awesome during themonsoonmonths. This is an ideal place for the fishing and trekking enthusiasts.Image Ref: Nyayamkadu Waterfall

#4: Meenmutty WaterfallThis gorgeous waterfall is considered as a proud of Kerala. This is an awesome waterfall that caters beautiful valleys and amazing sights and sounds of the forests. Meenmutty waterfall is a three-tiered waterfall, situated in Wayanad.

#5: Athirappilly WaterfallThis is a largest waterfall in Kerala, located on the west-flowing Chalakudy River. This is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls of this majestic state. Athirappily waterfall is also renowned as Suren Chellakutti Falls and nick named as The Niagara of India.

#6: Palaruvi WaterfallPalaruvi called as a stream of milk, is a perfect picnic spot in Kerala, where you can enjoy trekking through forest to reach the waterfall. It is one of the most beautiful picturesque waterfalls of the state. The spellbinding beauty of this waterfall can be experienced with the mist-clad blue hills and the surrounded green valleys.Image Ref: Palaruvi waterfall

#7: Cheeyappara WaterfallIf you are inMunnarthen you must visit Cheeyappara waterfalls. This is a famous tourist destination and highly known as Swiss of South India. This will be an ideal destination for the trekking lovers and mountaineers.

#8: Mulamkuzhi WaterfallMulamkuzhi waterfall is located in Mulamkuzhi village in the district Ernakulam. The crystal clear water of the Mulamkuzhi River is the origin point of this waterfall. This amazing and mind-blowing waterfall will give you heavenly feeling that will stay long in your mind for sure.Image Ref: Mulamkuzhi Waterfalls

#9: Dhoni WaterfallThis small and lovely waterfall is located in a reserve forest area, near to the Palakkad town. Dhoni waterfall requires 3 hours trekking to reach through the forest. The refreshing beautiful surroundings of this waterfall give scenic views to its visitors.Image Ref: Dhoni Waterfall

#10: Soochipara WaterfallThis waterfall is also renowned as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls. This three-tiered waterfall is located in Vellarimala, Wayanad and surrounded by the deciduous and evergreen forests. Soochipara offers so many scenic views and considered as an ideal destination for the rock climbing.

#11: Perunthenaruvi WaterfallThis fantastic waterfall is located on the banks of Pamba River about 36 kms from the Pathanamthitta district. This is a popular tourist destination and covers the same crowd of both domestic and foreign visitors. It is a good picnic spot and ideal for photo shoots.Image Ref: Perunthenaruvi Waterfall

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