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Built Assets Life Cycle

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  • 1. Hisham Malaika | Head of Property, KSA | ARCADIS Tuesday 16 September | Riyadh Assessing How Performance of Built Assets Contribute to National GDP
  • 2. The Research Built Asset Performance Index (BAPI) A spotlight on Saudi Arabia Future Built Asset Performance How to boost Built Asset Performance ARCADIS | EC Harris Agenda
  • 3. The Research Global Built Asset Performance Index explores the economic value that is generated from the built asset wealth of 30 countries It reveals how physical buildings and infrastructure contribute to national GDP across the world Answers the following questions: oProportion of a countrys GDP attributable to built assets? oCountries generating the greatest return from their built assets? oCountries best placed to improve the performance of their built assets? oHow countries gain better performance from built assets to develop new sources of competitive advantage?
  • 4. Global Highlights Built assets generated a total income of US$27.1trillion of GDP across all 30 countries in 2013 This amounted to, on average, 40% of total GDP across these countries This proportion increases to 45% in emerging economies, but is lower in advanced economies at 35% Built asset performance is forecast to grow by 70% over the next decade
  • 5. Measuring Built Asset Performance
  • 6. Return on built assets as a proportion of GDP 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Russia Saudi Arabia Chile Qatar UK Netherlands Australia Brazil Italy Germany Malaysia Hong Kong France Canada USA South Korea South Africa Philippines Egypt India Spain Thailand Japan UAE Indonesia Singapore Poland China Turkey Mexico 2013 2014 Country Rank 2013 Rank 2014 2013 % 2014% % change from 2013 UAE 7 7 44% 43% -1 Qatar 27 27 28% 28% 0 Saudi Arabia 29 29 16% 17% +1
  • 7. Built asset wealth and income relationship Relationship between built asset wealth and performance, 2013, US$ PPP measure
  • 8. Relatively low returns from its built asset wealth Heavy investment underway to support 2025 Economic Vision Demographic pressure is a key driver The need to create a sustainable economy is driving the adoption of international quality standards On course for a prosperous future supported by its built asset wealth Spotlight on Saudi Arabia
  • 9. 2014 KSA Budget Education & Training = $56 billion Health & Social Affairs = $28.8 billion Water & Agriculture = $16.3 billion Infrastructure & Transport = $17.3 billion Municipality Services = $10.4 billion Spotlight on Saudi Arabia
  • 10. Growth Forecasts 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Change in built asset performance 2013-2022
  • 11. Middle East show robust growth Income from built assets per capita US$ PPP measure, 2013 and 2022 and percentage growth
  • 12. How to boost built asset performance
  • 13. And finally There is a strong relationship between built assets and GDP Creating a sustainable built asset base demands a clear long-term vision Investors, owners and occupiers in both the public and private sectors all have a role to play in boosting their built asset performance to the benefit of themselves and the wider economy.
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