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  2. 2. Prairie Farmer. The Prairie Farmer Publishing Co. January 11, 1941. SE.14.P.028. D03591. Prairie Farmer offers up key information to farmers and farm families relating to agronomy, economics, and management of production agriculture, Illinois agricultural issues, and farm family living and is still being published today. You can view the first 100 years of the publication through the Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections.
  3. 3. The Northwestern Miller. Miller Publishing Company. July 1973. SE.12.C.004. D02569. This publication dedicated to flour mills 100th Anniversary issue was also its last. Earlier copies are also knows as the Weekly Northwestern Miller. Many early copies of the publication are digitized via the HathiTrust.
  4. 4. Farm Journal. March 1977. SE.14.F.014. One of the oldest national U.S. farm magazines, Farm Journal is a prime source of practical information on crops and livestock for farm families. First published in 1877 and still going strong, this 100th anniversary issue features highlights from previous issues as well as its usual content of best framing practices. The ACDC has many other editions of Farm Journal, including the first issue, several other special anniversary editions, and miscellaneous editions from the 1940s-50s.
  5. 5. American Fruit Grower. Meister Publishing. December 1980. SE.12.A.001. D02566. At right, both the cover and one of the pages highlighted within the 100th anniversary is featured. These are some of the many title designs the publication had gone through during its 100 year tenure. American Fruit Grower is still published and remains one of the leading publications for producers and shippers of fruit.
  6. 6. The Farmer. The Webb Company. May 1982. SE.12.F.013. D02545. For the 100th Anniversary edition of The Farmer, the publishers decided to demonstrate the various types of covers used during its tenure. Produced in Minnesota, the publication later changed its name to USAgriculture in 1992 and changed its name back to Farmer shortly after.
  7. 7. Progressive Farmer. Progressive Farmer, Inc. February 1986. SE.14.P.032. D03571. A county life magazine, Progressive Farmer focuses not only on lifestyle, but also important crop and planting information for farmers. Still published today, it is one of the more popular publications for farmers.
  8. 8. The Furrow. Deere & Company. January 1995. SE.14.F.017. D03559. Produced by John Deere & Company, The Furrow focuses on John Deere products as well as important crop information. The 100th anniversary issue includes samples from each decade, including sample articles and advertisements, like the page from the early 20th century at right.
  9. 9. For more information about these materials or the rest of the Volume One Number One Collection (V1N1), please contact us! docctr@library.illinois.edu