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5Stoday.com presents "10 Tips for 5S Success", which is meant for the novice who has started the 5S journey, or wants to, but would like a few tips into how to get started. Lean manufacturing, PDCA and Continuous Improvement are all touched upon by this slide show, as well as 6S and Kaizen. There are also some helpful links to web sites that sell or offer 5S products and/or training. Enjoy and please let us know if you would like to see more helpful slides in this particular direction.

Transcript of 10 Tips For 5S Success

  • That Really Work! The leaders in visual safety. Tips For 5S Success
  • 5S Implementation is Key: 10 Tips For 5S Success Success starts with a plan Know the plan, stick to the plan, watch your culture grow strong
  • 5S10 Tips For 5S Success 5S Poster examples (18 x 24in) Purchase at www.5SToday.com 5S Visual Aids can offer crucial support:
  • 5SStart Small: Select target areas to implement first. Narrow selection by cost, need, risk and safety. Showing success in one area gains the confidence of others and a reason to buy-in.
  • 5SHave the Right Supplies: You can't build a house without a hammer. Be prepared with the following supplies: Label makers, labels, signs, sign makers
  • 5S Tape, floor tape, colored tape, marking tape Have the Right Supplies Available: www.SafetyTac.com Tags, red tags, 5s tags
  • 5S Training materials Tool shadows, shadow boards Have the Right Supplies Available: www.5sToday.com Shadow Tapes >
  • 5S Shine Chart, cleaning supplies 5S cart with supplies Bins, holders, organizers Camera Have the Right Supplies Available: 5S Labeling Station www.LabelTac.com
  • 5S Proper training = Successful 5S Provide the Proper Training Classroom sessions Videos 5S events Reading material Walk throughs www.5sToday.com
  • 5SProvide the Proper Training: Show what your definition of a clean workplace looks like. Most people are visual learners Use before and after pictures to show progression model. Display before pictures outside work area
  • 5SLead By Example Leaders should understand the fundamentals of 5S and be ready to explain and help fix any situations that arise.
  • 5SLead By Example Management should always have the cleanest and most organized work areas.
  • 5SClearly Define Your Expectations Define specific roles and tasks that are expected within the system. Emphasize the importance of completing tasks and why this is important.
  • 5S Incorporate the process into the fundamentals and long-term goals of the company. This keeps a focus on continuous improvement. Provide the Means to Incorporate Not Isolate
  • 5SProvide the Means... 5S is not a stand alone process!
  • 5SDaily Enforcement During your audit walk, be on the lookout for 5S violations and address them immediately!
  • 5SDaily Enforcement Conduct weekly or monthly full audits to go along with your daily enforcement.
  • 5SReward Excellence Reward your top performers. Display their work to show others. Do Not point out low scores, this is inefficient and detrimental to your progression.
  • 5SAudits Use important Audit results (bi-annual or annual audits) to force action and promote follow through.
  • 5SAudits Audits shed light on specific areas of concern and help to define continuous improvement. Provides immediate feedback!
  • 5SLooking for 5S Help? We have you covered. Creative Safety Supply works with companies both large and small to help them with their Continuous Improvement needs. We carry a host of PDCA, Lean, 5S, 6S Kaizen, Kanban and Continuous Improvement products. CreativeSafetySupply.com.
  • www.creativesafetysupply.com 1-866-777-1360 call us toll-free: or visit us online at: The leaders in visual safety