10 Things Manufacturers can do on Social Media

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Many manufacturers have long shied away from social media but there are many benefits that they could be missing out on. In this presentation we looked at what sort of social media activities might help manufacturing businesses.

Transcript of 10 Things Manufacturers can do on Social Media

  • 1. 10 Things aManufacturing Businesscan do with SocialMedia#ukmfg

2. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/philoakleyhttps://plus.google.com/+PhilipOakleyTwitter @philoakley 3. 10 Things1.Get a plan (Look forward) 2.Show your history (Look Back) 3.Get recommendations 4.Join the Discussions 5.Use Hashtags 6.Find Prospects 7.Get Closer to your customers 8.Watch the competition 9.Provide support 10.Have Fun 4. Get a Plan 5. Have a Plan 6. Social Media Plan1.Executive Overview2.Define specific social media goals (measurable)3.Research your audience (Who, Where etc)4.Pick your platforms5.Plan and execute delivery (Content Marketing)6.Track metrics (adapt accordingly) 7. Content Marketing Plan1.What content does your audience want?2.What content do you already have?3.What content can you create?4.What platforms should you use?5.How often should you post?6.When should you post?Build into you Social Media Plan Calendar1.Build into you Social Media Plan Calendar 8. How often should I post? 9. How often should I post?EVERYDAY! 10. Saturdays and Sundays 11. Saturdays and Sundays 12. Demographics 13. Demographics 14. Demographics 15. Social Media Calendar Plan 16. Social Media Calendar Plan 17. Social Media Calendar Plan 18. Social Media Calendar Plan 19. Social Media Calendar Plan 20. Show your History 21. Get Testimonials 22. Join The Discussion 23. Industry Groups 24. Customer Groups 25. LinkedIn AdvancedSearch 26. #Hashtags 27. #Hashtags 28. #ukmfg 29. #westmidshour 30. #advengshow 31. Find Prospects 32. Advanced LinkedIn Search Hashtags Look at Competition 33. Get Closer to youCustomer/Prospect 34. Surveys 35. ASK THEM! Do you use Social Media? What Social Media Sites do you use? How would they like to be engaged ontheir Would you connect? Links to accounts 36. Add to your emailP.S. By the way quick question are you using socialmedia these days? If so, which channels are youspending your time? Mind if we connect there?orTo serve our customers better we would like toconnect with them on the Social Media sites you use. Ifyou would like to connect please click this link to tellus your favourite Social Media sites. 37. Social Analytics 38. Social CRM 39. Watch the Competition 40. Provide Support 41. 10. Have Fun (withengagement) 42. http://uk.linkedin.com/in/philoakleyhttps://plus.google.com/+PhilipOakleyTwitter @philoakley