10 Steps to Successful Vlogging

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Transcript of 10 Steps to Successful Vlogging

  • 1. 10 Steps to a Successful Vlog by Trudy Susan aka 4cHairChick

2. Step 1: Ask yourself Are You Vlogging for Business or pleasure? 3. Top 1000YouTubers Average $23,000/month in revenue Over 1 MillionYouTubers earn ad revenue fromYouTube Average Top 1000 channel generates 44,000 social interactions a week Research by Open Slate (2012) 4. STEP 2: BE CLEAR ON WHOYOU ARE TALKING TO 5. You Cant Target Everyone Everyones situation is different Sell me owers example Figure out who you serve best Create an avatar 6. STEP 3: Figure Out Your Spin Be the purple spot on a the white dress with black polka dots 7. YouTube Statistics 6 billion hours of video are watched each month onYouTube More than 1 billion unique visits occur each month 70% ofYouTube trafc comes from outside the united states Approx. 4 million hours of video are uploaded toYouTube each month Source: YouTube Press Portal 4 Categories Education Entertainment Reports Socializing 8. STEP 4: DIVERSIFY YOU DO NOT OWN GOOGLE 9. FACTOIDS Google has killed over 20 products since May 2007 YouTube is the NOT the only video sharing website (Instagram, vimeo, dailymotion, keek etc.) 10. STEP 5: Put Your Best Foot Forward Building your brand 11. EstablishYour Own Brand Purchase a domain (NameCheap) Pick a username (NameChk.com) Signature prole picture (Dnney Photo) Invest in a header image (Tina & Tico or Pink Dragon Designs) Domain re-direct (host gator) Google has killed over 20 products since May 2007 12. STEP 6: MAKE IT EASY FOR OTHERS TO FINDYOU 13. Leverage WhatYou Have Make your website URL prominent Repeat your contact info during videos Create an email signature Re-tweet and repost 14. STEP 7: Set Audience Expectations 15. Communicating Clearly There WILL be cursing Post videos sporadically Disclaimers - Im not an expert, but... 16. STEP 8: Schedule Time 17. You Are A Content Creator Collect topic ideas Leverage holidays Buy a physical calendar 18. STEP 9:Treat It Like A Business 19. Be Legit Set goals Set up google ad sense Consider formulating an LLC Collect analytics 20. STEP 10 - Shake Hands 21. TMDTOTI Syndrome Go to meet-ups Attend conferences Leverage EventBrite 22. THE END 10 Steps to a Successful Vlog by Trudy Susan aka 4cHairChick