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    Ten steps to be more more photogenic!


    IN PICTURESThere are dozens of tricks, tips and advice that claim to teach you how to be fabulously

    photogenic every time you step in front of the camera. No, you dont always have a good hair day or the clearest complexion and you dont always feel like being photographed.

    Despite all the possible obstacles that stand between you and your fabulous photogenic self, there are steps you can take to appear your absolute best. Weve compiled a list of

    10 sure things to make you look as best as you can.

  • 1. DRESS WELLyou know youre going to be photographed, dont wear stripes

    or crazy patterns unless you have a runway model figure.

    Opt for neutral colors, unless you are one hundred percent certain that color looks great on you. A pop of color in a tone that compliments your complexion or personality will make you look fresh. bright and youthful.

    Black is considered to be slimming, but solid black is not necessarily your best bet for a photo. Depending on the lighting, black might absorb all shadows and make your natural curves dissapear. Black with some texture, lace for example, is better.

    Wear well fitting clothes reagrdless of what your size is. Clothes should fit your curves, especially along the top. Billowy tops, raglan or batwing sleves do not look flattering in pictures.

    Avoid high-contrast patterns or prints, they will distrac from your face. Logos and graphics are also best to avoid unless they are subtle or are part of the specific styling idea.

    Make sure your clothes are in good repair and not wrinkled. You want to go for a polished, streamlined appearance. Dont forget to accessorize for a well-put-together look. This applies to both men and women.


  • 2. STAND UP STRAIGHTlouching makes you look nonchalant, but it also might make you look short and/or dumpy.

    Place one foot behind the other, and lean back just a little bit. Youll still look relaxed, but youll also look tall.

    Make sure your back is straight and shoulders are down. Shake out your sholders to relax - you will appear less rigid. You energy in the images definitely shows. Flex your abs to appear more energetic and youthful.


    When someone points a camera at you its a natural human reaction to look directly at it, but resist doing this. Look above the camera or below, but dont look directly at the camera. You will look less nervous.

    The same goes for the tilt of your head. A recent study found that men who tilt their head back slightly and woman who tilt their head forward are more attractive. The same goes for your feet and body, if theyre angled directly at the camera, shift them (and your body) slightly.

    Do your best to avoid having someones arm around your shoulder. You will look weighted down.

  • urn your head slightly away from the camera, extend your neck, then tilt your head down. Your face will look thinner and you wont have a double chin - always a bonus.

    Pay attention to the camera position. If the lens is at your eye level or above, youre in the right frame. If the lens is below your eye level, then you run the risk of looking like you have an extra chin. Bend your knees so youre at least on an even plane with the photographer (assuming its not a full-body photo). If youre significantly taller than the photographer, sit in a chair and look up toward the camera. As awkward as you may feel doing it, project your chin out an inch or so more than you normally would. Youll have a long, thin neck in the photo.


  • Dont face camera directly. Stand facing slightly away from the camera, then twist at the waist to face the camera. Make it subtle - if you overdo it youll look unnatural.

    Turn your head. Most people have asymmetrical features - one eye is larger than the other or the right brow is a bit higher than the left. Turn your chin slightly to one side or the other - posing with two-thirds of the face in view and the remaining third turned slightly away from the camera. That way, facial asymmetry is not as obvious. This particular angle also has a slimming effect, as it draws the eye up and down (forehead to chin), not left to right (eye to eye)

    4. TWIST & TURN

  • void the unforgiving bare flash at all costs. If you cant get around it, search your pockets for a

    translucent candy or gum wrapper and put it over the flash to diffuse it. Flash will flatten your features and make all shiny bits (forehead or nose, for example) really stand out.





    youve been sweating or if your face is greasy, make sure to wipe your face. Use oil-blotting

    papers if you wear makeup, or blot with a slightly damp paper towel. In a pinch, wipe your face with your sleeve before stepping in front of the camera.

    void appearing possessed in your next photo by looking at a lamp or the nearest light source for a few seconds right before the photo is taken.

    Red-eye usually occurs in a dim room when the irises have opened up so much that the retinas, which are red with blood vessels, light up when the flash hits them. When the pupils fix on something bright, they shrink, reducing the potential for red-eye.



  • 8.WATCH SURROUNDINGSn interesting background will make you look more interesting too. Choose a pretty

    outdoor scene to stand in front of, or look for a wall with interesting texture or colors. Avoid standing in front of plain or drab backgrounds.

    Make sure there is nothing in the background that you dont want to be seeing in your picture, such as a pile of dirty dishes fot example. backgrounds without a lot of distracting details are best.

    If you are phographed with a group of people, try to avoid being the closest on to the camera - you will appear to be the largest person. To avoid camera distortion stand somewhere in the middle of the group.

    Keep this in mind: an object closest to the camera will also appear the largest, so if, for example, you think your upper arms are large, dont put yourself in a position where the arm dominates the frame.


  • 9.CHOOSE YOUR LIGHTf you can choose when and where youll be photographed, pick an

    outdoor shoot in the morning or late afternoon. Natural light is your friend, its soft, diffused and the most flattering.

    If you have to be photographed in the middle of the day, stand in the shade. Avoid direct midday sun - it will make you squint and your eyes will look smaller. Harsh midday light creates unflattering shadows and emphasizes wrinkles.

    Face some natural light reflector - like a light colored wall, this will ensure that your face is well elluminated, which will reduce the appearance of fine lines.

    Side light (falling from the window for example) can be really beautiful. If you cannot be outside, stand closer to a large natural light source, such as a window. If you back is towards the window use a reflector to bounce some light back onto your face.


  • sk the photographer to count to three before taking the picture.

    Close your eyes and breathe in. Then, just before the picture is taken, breathe out, open your eyes and smile - your face will look relaxed and your smile will be real. This trick works every time!

    Dont say cheese, which usually brings out a forced smile. Instead, ask the photographer to throw out an unexpected word or say a joke. This will usually elicit a genuine laugh, and your expression wont look artificial. A genuine smile is impossible to fake, so you need to feel some kind of genuine emotion to make it happen, something that makes you laugh or happy.

    Remember the feeling of a genuine smile to replicate it in a photograph. Practice smiling in front of the mirror. When the picture time comes, remember the feeling, genuine smile will follow.

    One of the major causes of a stiff appearance in photographs is a rigid posture brought about by anxiety and nerves. Remove the tension from your body using deep inhale and exhale exercises

    (if youre a Pilates, yoga, meditation, or martial arts practitioner, youll already know about doing deep breathing to relax).

    Shake your body around a little to loosen up; Visualize calm scenes in your mind and think peaceful, positive thoughts.

    Never keep your hands right by your sides - they will merge with your body and make you appear wider than you are, you migh also look square and rigid. Clasp them in the front or in the back, or hold on to something back of a chair, for example, to help relax your body.

    10. RELAX


    If the shot is one where youre able to laugh and smile outwardly, then do so. Think of something funny, even if it involves the photographers clothing or something amusing thats happened to you in the past. If you cant laugh on the outside, laugh inwardly. This will make your eyes sparkle and your positive energy shine through.

    Laughing creates a more natural overall pose because it relaxes and calms you.

    Engage the photographer in a conversation about some topic you both may find of interest. If your mind is focused on something other than the photo, youll appear less rigid. You can also lean against something, interact with a pet or a child or even look beyond the camera .


    I know, I know, who does that? For that sexy supermodel look, try this: The first thing to practice is a little squint that only uses the eye muscles and no other facial muscles. Practice this in front of the mirror until you feel you are able to perform a small ey