10 Killer White Hat Local Link Building Tips

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Transcript of 10 Killer White Hat Local Link Building Tips

SEO ClassLocal Search 2016:
Localized versus Non-localized
Risk versus Reward
Quality versus Quantity
Natural versus Unnatural
Manual versus Automated
Solve problems
Target 2-3 competitors and run ahrefs / Majestic back link reports
Type into Google keywords that you’d like to rank for and take note of top 20 results
Once you identify a prospective linking partner you need to identify why they should also link to you?
Reach out and request the link
TIP #1
(HINT: Stop Selling and Start Adding Value)
Produce content that adds value or / challenges advances thinking
Build a resource center
Publish Listicles (Top 10 Lists) / Use lots of statistics (Did you know? content)
Produce Infographics – make complex ideas or topics easy and visual
TIP #2
Contribute content to 3rd party websites
Be consistent (twice per month) and sustained (over 2 years) to have greatest impact
Be flexible – ask a prospective publisher what specific content they are looking for
Note – as you guest blog you’ll want to publish to your own blog, Medium, LinkedIn
Sign up to HARO
TIP #3
- Contribute content to 3rd party websites within your area of expertise
TIP #4
- Links from awards and badge websites can be of very high value
Encourage link backs and social shares
Include multiple prizes so there are more winners, shares and link backs
Share on social media and boost (pay for) ads
Allow commenting (helps to host via a blog)
TIP #5
Anyone think hosting a contest in your area of business will be hard? Ask what area and brainstorm options…..
Charities / Causes
Most local non-profits host sponsor or donor pages; Some National charities do as well (i.e. NASCAR Foundation)
You need to do your research and see what charities in your community offer link back opportunities
Sometime a donation as little as $50 or $100 can earn you a link from a high authority domain
If a non-profit that you regularly donate to doesn’t have a “donors” page ask them to put one up
TIP #6
Data Aggregators
Sponsor Events / Dinners / Parties
There are dozens of events in your industry that need sponsorships, which include “Sponsor pages”
Each industry event includes official party and dinner sponsorships
TIP #8
Widgets offer link backs from high authority 3rd party websites.
Games and Quizzes can be a source of significant traffic and link backs.
TIP #9
Find broken links in your niche
Find replacement pages from your site or build content
Reach out to Webmaster and inform them that they have a broken link on their site (provide link) and provide them with a substitute.
TIP #10
Connect with me on LinkedIn – linkedin.com/in/internetceo
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