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10 iPad Apps for Business.

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  • 1. 10 iPad Apps for Business www. phase2online .com

2. www. phase2online .com Apple's iWork suite

  • With Apple's iWork for iPad suite of office applications, you can do
  • real work on your new iPad.It is the easiest way to create
  • documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Pages is for word processing, Numbers is for charts and graphs,
  • and Keynote is for presentations.

1 3. www. phase2online .com Evernote

  • Evernote is an note-taking app that serves mainly as a photo, audio,
  • video, and text syncing tool.
  • It lets you tag everything and comprehensively search for it later;
  • everything is saved in the cloud.

2 4. www. phase2online .com WebEx

  • Participate in online meetings on your iPad using the WebEx app;
  • partake verbally, using the 2-way audio function, or via chat.
  • You don't need a WebEx subscription to join a meeting (but you do
  • need one if you want to schedule a meeting).

3 5. www. phase2online .com Bento

  • Bento is a database app for small business owners.
  • The app offers 25 built-in templates, ranging from event-planning,
  • to inventory, to expenses.If you have Bento on your Mac at home,
  • everything syncs automatically.

4 6. www. phase2online .com Dropbox

  • Dropbox is a backup app that automatically syncs files across
  • multiple computers, and offers you remote file access and sharing.
  • It also doubles as a PDF- and document-reader.

5 7. www. phase2online .com Instapaper Pro

  • Instapaper is a app thatsaves web pages so you can read them
  • later, offline.
  • The app is perfect for things like important blog posts or whitepapers
  • that you can't get to right away.

6 8. www. phase2online .com Box.net

  • Box.net lets you store your documents in the cloud and access them
  • from anywhere.
  • You can designate files to be shared, and other users can access
  • and edit them. Useful features include records of revisions, password
  • protection, and full- text search.

7 9. www. phase2online .com GoodReader

  • GoodReaderallows you to view, read, annotate, and move
  • documents on the iPad .
  • Not only does it re-format files for easy reading on the iPad, but it
  • also gives you access to your Google Docs and lets you download
  • files straight from URLs.

8 10. www. phase2online .com PrintCentral

  • PrintCentral is the ultimate printing application for the iPad.
  • PrintCentral will enable you to print email, contacts, web pages,
  • copied "clips", email attachments, photos, text messages, shipping
  • labels and much much more.

9 11. www. phase2online .com Square

  • Square wasjust approvedby Apple foruse with the iPhoneand
  • iPad, and, for small business owners who want to start accepting
  • credit card payments, it might just be the best thing ever.
  • You can get the card reader, which plugs into the iPad, or just key in
  • the card numbers.

10 12. 4100 Perimeter Center,Suite 310 Oklahoma City, OK 73112 www. phase2online .com info@phase2online.com