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  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 1

    10 Ideas for Apple TV Apps

  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 2

    TVs arent living up to their potential. For something that is so prominent and highly valued as televisions are in our lives, its disappointing that we tend to connect such limited computers to them. Right now televisions primary function is to collect media and spit it back at you. They can and should be doing so much more. With that said, here are 10 ideas for creating Apple TV apps. We really just want to see some of them exist, so if youre thinking of being an apple tv developer, please go ahead and build them! If you run product development or R&D at a company and feel inspired to build something great, lets have a chat.


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 3

    The Command CenterTheres something extremely attractive about being able to just kick back in a comfy chair and crank out some work.

    That has long been a hopeful dream for geeks (if youve ever seen the movie Grandmas Boy, think JPs office). If text editors, spreadsheet tools, writing tools etc. were specifically designed for this use case it would make a lot of our nerdy dreams come true. Other possibilities include a streaming dashboard with stocks, social media feeds, real time analytics or dripping code from the matrix.



  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 4

    Rethinking Board GamesBoard games that are adapted to video games are usually horrible.

    If you were able to easily connect your phone via Bluetooth or in-home network to an Apple TV, the possibilities for interactive games explodes. Any game where players hold cards, or write something secret down becomes an exciting possibility. Immediately coming to mind for us were: Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Uno, Poker, Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Charades, Scrabble and countless others.


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 5

    Interactive TV

    The MLB app demoed at Apples event hinted at the potential of this idea, but we believe it could be taken much further. For decades, marketers and advertisers have foamed at the mouth for the ability for viewers to click to buy items from TV shows;

    thats now one very big step closer. We also found that when watching TV, many of us pick up our devices to load up IMDB or Wikipedia info to find out exactly what other movie that familiar-looking actor starred in. Truly interactive TV will make this seamless and possible very soon.


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 6

    Proximity-AwareWith Bluetooth integration your TV could greet you when you come home.

    It could even act like your own personal Jarvis system (thanks for the idea Iron Man). We imagine a world where you walk into your kitchen with your phone, the Apple TV sees it, picks up on the beacon signal and pops open a schedule of your day, the weather, and starts playing your favorite morning playlist. When you get home at night, your

    TV will again read your schedule, know the type of day youve had, and perhaps recommend some streaming content. All of this could be personalized, and your spouse or roommate might get an entirely different daily summary when they arrive.





  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 7

    4 73

    Smart Home Dashboard

    screen could pause immediately. The TV could serve as the family dashboard for health activities with wearable tech integrations, group challenges, and scores. The TV could also produce charts of a chore schedule. Who was supposed to take out the trash this week? Ask your TV.

    Since televisions are center-points in the home, they could serve important home and family management roles. If youve ever tried to manage a takeout order online or over an app then you know the painful process could easily be remedied by having everyone just plug into the TV. When the order arrives, the


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 8

    EntertainmentCurrently, sharing silly videos with your friend beside you results in a lot of passing a laptop or phone back and forth.

    This has quickly become an important pastime. This frustration can be eliminated entirely by integrating the Apple TV with smartphones, allowing it to serve as a new-age jukebox where multiple people can contribute and queue up songs and videos.


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 9

    The OfficeWe see smart TVs as being huge for day-to-day office life and potentially going so far as to replace receptionist services.

    We think its inevitable that one day in the near future you will walk up to a big screen, tell it who you are (or check in via Bluetooth) and then automatically get directions to your meeting or conference room. When presenting information to a team, instead of dealing with crossed wires and AirPlay it would be nice to have team accounts and versions of popular programs installed on the Apple TV, able to be presented and worked on in an environment that is specifically designed for large displays.


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 10

    Education Solve this set of math problems

    before youre allowed to watch more TV.

    This rule could now be strictly enforced by the TV itself instead of a busy parent. Also, an Apple TV doesnt necessarily need to just be wired to a TV at home, it could be wired into the projector of a classroom with ease. Students can scribble on their iPads and then the teacher can project the solution to the class. No more going up to the chalkboard to rewrite your math problem. Step-by-step instruction for anything that cant be simply typed or pointed to becomes a possibility with a concept we called scribble share, where a presenter shares in real time something they are working on. The live-coaching and teaching aspects are extremely exciting to us.


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 11

    ShoppingA bigger screen equals a bigger store front. Having a shelf or large environment to explore opens the doors for commerce via TV. All of a sudden QVC will start showing you things you actually want to buy. The products marketed to you will will be contextually relevant, maybe even relating to the

    type of TV you are watching. The actual buying experience will be different too. Youll be able to see a high-resolution, life-size version of your product, spin it around, and with the right technologies perhaps even have a virtual avatar try on an outfit so that you can get an idea of how it looks on you before you buy it.



  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 12

    Navigation & InteractionWe are excited by the possibility of integrating all of our screens with the Apple TV.

    It can transform TVs from being consumption-based to interaction-based devices. Our dream is to be able to fling pieces of work from phones to tablets, watches and TVs. Websites will need to adapt, optimizing things like images and fonts for much larger screen sizes. Hooking up a Microsoft Kinect or Leap Motion will be a game changer. Were only starting to scratch the surface in creating a Minority Report-esque world in which we can navigate and swipe through screens in mid-air.


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 13

    While some of these ideas may already exist in some preliminary form and others might not yet be practical or even possible, we still like to keep our heads in the clouds before digging into technical analysis. Well be creating follow-up content in the near future regarding our technical analysis of the platform, so stay tuned!


  • Yeti LLC, 2016. 14

    Yeti collaborates with industry leaders to design, develop, and ship the products that shape the future. Leaders from industries such as robotics, IoT hardware development, virtual reality experiences, data science analytics, and community building applications partner with Yeti to define and solve problems. Our team designs, prototypes, and builds effective solutions, elegantly delivered through an iterative process that continuously evolves the product. For more information, visit us on the web at yeti.co.

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