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Apps are like having your very own pocket-sized personal trainer, here we look at 10 easy to use apps that will help to make your fitness work out fun and easy.

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  • 1. 10 Fitness Apps to makeyour workouts fun!

2. APPS arelike havingyour veryown pocket-sizedpersonaltrainer 3. 1.NikeTrainingClubNikes top trainers andprofessional athletes havecreated these workouts forwomen and put them in awell-designed database foryou to download and use.You input your currentfitness level and go fromthere 4. 2. Couch to 5kThis APP promises the worst couch potato that in just nineweeks of using this app they would be ready to run a 5k race. Ituses virtual coaches, mantras, graphs to track and recordprogress. 5. 3. PocketYogaThis APP offers threedifferent variations ofyoga, three difficulty levelsand three durations.It has 27 yoga positions tochoose from. 6. 4. FitIDThis is a virtual version of Zumba, Crossfit Gym classes and otherpopular fitness programmes. It tracks your progress whilecomparing your workout to what you should be achieving formaximum results. There is a sharing facility so you get to know whatyou should be doing to keep you motivated. 7. 5. VitogoWhen you are startingout in strength trainingand bodyconditioning, how doyou know where tostart? This APP will helpyou once you input yourcurrent fitness levels andgoals by generating aneffective programmedesigned for you. 8. 6.GymballWorkoutsMost gyms have the Balland we know the basiccrunch, but what else canbe done? This APP givesyou workout plansincorporating Pilates, yogaand more, all centredaround these balls we seerolling around the gyms. 9. 7. SimplyGuidedMeditationsStep by step instructionsto help youmeditate, from timedsessions, with andwithout music, what everway you prefer, from fiveminutes to twentyminutes. 10. 8. Remix WorkoutsIf you need a bit of help with weight training, how to mix it up andkeep boredom at bay this is for you. It has videos to help youmaster the proper techniques and teaches new moves. 11. 9. FitocracyMake sure you stick to your workout that turns your workoutinto a game, with points for every visit or activity you do. 12. 10. GymGoalBrowse a number ofanimated workouts, pickthe exercise that suitsyou depending on thebody part you are tryingto work. 13. Join us onJoin us for updates full of fitness, food, andfashion trends in fitness gear. We are joined byCelia Simson who won our Face of FitSpacecompetition, who will share her amazing tips sheused to achieve her incredible transformation.Together we will entertain you with ideas fromeating healthy, music we all love to work out toand your best recipe ideas and of courseprovide you with fitness tips to help you achieveyour goals!