10 deadly resume mistakes to avoid at all costs

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2. Todays AgendaPresentation 10 Deadly Resume Mistakes toAvoid at All CostsQuestions & Answers Live Feedback How to Contact Us Accessing this Webinar The Archives 3. Did you knowSome of the most common resume writing advicecontains some of the worst things you can do to your resume? 4. I chose10 of the MostCommon Mistakesto talk with you about today. 5. #1 - Not including your address. Most communication todayis through emails or phonecalls. Many job seekers are leavingoff their physical address. Recruiters and employerswant to know where youare. Always include your actualaddress. 6. #2 - Failing to write an objectivestatement. Objective statements are abig resume opportunity. An objective statementshould say what job yourelooking for. Dont be fooled into thinkingyou can get by with asummary.A summary is redundant and a waste of valuable space. 7. #3 - Weak language. Try to use action verbs to beginyour sentences. Instead of saying:X Responsible fordesigning XYZ product. Designed XYZproduct. Your entire resume should be filledwith action words like: Designed Planned Managed Maintained Delivered Achieved Wrote 8. #4 - Failing to quantify youraccomplishments. Use numbers, dollars, and percentages."Responsible for bringing "Brought in 20 newin new clients." clients in 3 months.""Responsible for delivering"98% on-time delivery product on time andof product." under budget.""Responsible for"Achieved 100% maintaining accuracy in accuracy in 50,000-itemcompany database." database over 2 years." 9. #5 - Failing to use bullet points. Take out the paragraphs andturn them into bullet points. Makes your resume Easier to read More attractive Keeps the readers eyemoving down the page sothat they easily absorb allyour information. 10. #6 - Extraneous information. Too much information will makeyour resume too long. No resume should ever be morethan 2 pages unless you are the CEO. Editing the work experience on yourresume is very important. Focus your resume on is whatmatters for that job. 11. #7 - Including your references. If your resume saysReferences Upon Requestat the bottom, take it offright now. If the employer wants yourreferences, theyll ask forthem. They expect that youll havethem because thats a basicrequirement. X 12. #8 - Including hobbies that make you sound like a frail old person. People who are switching careers,include - Hobbies Volunteer work Extra activities That gave them keywords to attractattention. Be mindful of the image youreprojecting with the entire document.If you cant say anything helpful, dont say anything at all. 13. #9 - Fancy borders and hard-to-read print. Unless youre in a creative fieldwhere those things are expected- DONT. Keep it simple. Remember your audience. You never want the focus to beon your presentationYou want it to be on you. 14. #10 - Failing to ensure a smooth electronicdelivery. Send a test copy to somefriends to see if they canopen it up and it looks theway its supposed to look. If you have a PC, send it tosomeone with a Mac andvice versa.Check and correct your formatting. 15. Check your resume. Included an address and an objectivestatement. Use powerful action words, numbers,and bullet points. Tailor your experience and workhistory. Get rid of the references. Only include a hobby if it helps youseem like a stronger candidate. Keep the formatting simple. Send it to a few people to make sureit transmits properly. 16. Best of Luck! 17. Q & A with Peggy McKee (LIVE) 18. Wed love to have your input!All feedback from this call and all questions for future callsshould be emailed to:Peggy@CareerConfidential.com 19. Accessing WebinarsWebinars are available on theCareer Confidential Coaching Club website: www.CareerConfidential.com/members/As long as you are a member of the club you will be able toaccess any of the webinars that have been presented during the time you were a member. 20. Thank you for attending!