1. The three most common macro nutrients of fertilizer are? A.Sulfur, Nitrogen, & Potassium...

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Transcript of 1. The three most common macro nutrients of fertilizer are? A.Sulfur, Nitrogen, & Potassium...

  • 1. The three most common macro nutrients of fertilizer are?Sulfur, Nitrogen, & PotassiumNitrogen, Potassium & PhosphorusPhosphorus, Iron, & MagnesiumMagnesium, Nitrogen, & Potassium

  • AnswerB. Nitrogen, Potassium & Phosphorus

  • 2. Oregons leading legume produced is ?PeasCloverAlfalfaSoybeans

  • AnswerC. Alfalfa

  • 3. True or False: Arc welding is a commonly used welding machine?TrueFalse

  • AnswerA. True

  • 4. True or False: TIG is most commonly used to weld non ferrous metals ?TrueFalse

  • AnswerA. True

  • 5. What is the Latin term for horse?EquineHorseOvinePony

  • AnswerA. Equine

  • 6. What is the Latin term for sheep ?SheepPorcineBovineOvine

  • AnswerD. Ovine

  • 7. What does the word castration mean ?Removal of HornsDocking of TailTrimming of HoovesRemoval of Testicles

  • AnswerD. Removal of Testicles

  • 8. What is Oregons #1 livestock commodity?DairyCow Calf ProductionPoultrySheep

  • AnswerB. Cow Calf Production

  • 9. How many people can the average American farmer feed ?10-20800100-15050-100

  • AnswerC. 100-150

  • 10. Oregon leads the nation in producing of which horticultural products?Potted Florist AzaleasFoliage PlantsBedding PlantsFlower Seeds

  • AnswerA. Potted Florist Azaleas

  • 11. Which county leads Oregon in total agriculture production receipts?TillamookMarionJacksonMultnomah

  • AnswerB. Marion

  • 12. What percent of Oregon agriculture products are sold out of state?50-6065-7525-3575-85

  • AnswerD. 75-85

  • 13. Gasoline sold in Oregon is required to be blended with what?Diesel

    LPG Fuel


    D. Jet Fuel

  • Answer

    C. Alcohol

  • 14. Bio Diesel production in the USA has resulted in Higher Corn PricesHigher Wheat PricesCleaner Burning FuelsAll of the above

  • Answer

    D. All of the above

  • 15. Agricultural Operations may be able to sell Carbon Credits produced through ?Reduced Fuel UsageField BurningCarbon SequestrationBoth A and C

  • Answer

    D. Both A and C

  • 16. Livestock producers are under pressure to reduce methane production from ?Pasture GrazingManure ManagementDairy CattleEquine Facilities

  • Answer

    B. Manure Management

  • 17. What is the number one factor in increased agricultural production costs?Fertilizer costsEquipment Purchase CostsEnergy CostsLabor Costs

  • Answer

    C. Energy Costs

  • 18. True or False: E. Coli resides in most peoples small intestines?TrueFalse

  • AnswerA. True

  • 19. Who is responsible for food safety in the USA?Surgeon GeneralUnited States Department of AgricultureUSA Food AgencyFood and Drug Administration

  • AnswerD. Food and Drug Administration

  • 20. The reproductive female organ of the flower is called the?StamenPistilAnther Filament

  • AnswerB. Pistil

  • 21. What is the definition of an annual?One that completes its life cycle in two yearsOne that completes its life cycle in one yearOne that comes back each year after yearOne that completes its life cycle after growing one season

  • AnswerD. One that completes its life cycle after growing one season

  • 22. Plants are green due to what chemical substance ?XylemNitrogenChlorophyllPhloem

  • AnswerC. Chlorophyll

  • 23. True or False: Oxy-Acetylene equipment can be used for brazing, welding and cutting metal.TrueFalse

  • AnswerA. True

  • 24. The three components of the fire triangle are?Argon, acetylene, matchNitrogen, acetylene, strikerOxygen, fuel, heatCarbon dioxide, fuel, ignition source

  • AnswerC. Oxygen, fuel, heat

  • 25. A tap and die set is used to?Test for strength and colorDetermine ductile strength of metalCut threads on bolts and cut threads in holesTo place markings on metal

  • AnswerC. Cut threads on bolts and cuts threads in holes

  • 26. Batteries used on equipment can be dangerous because they contain a solution of?Hydrochloric acidCaustocic hydrogenSulfuric acidNegative ions

  • AnswerC. Sulfuric Acid

  • 27. True or False: Preventing disease is more cost effective that treating?TrueFalse

  • AnswerA. True

  • 28. The Latin term for beef cattle is ______________ ?PorcineBovineOvineCattle

  • AnswerB. Bovine

  • 29. True or False: Porcine is the Latin term for swine?TrueFalse

  • AnswerA. True

  • 30. Which one of the following is a ruminant?SwineHumansHorsesBeef

  • AnswerD. Beef

  • 31. Which one of the following dairy breeds produces the highest total pounds of fluid milk in the US?AyrshireHolsteinJerseyGuernsey

  • AnswerB. Holstein

  • 32. Gestation period is?The length of time the animal is pregnantThe period where the animal is producing milkThe period of time it takes to give birthThe time when an animal is pregnant

  • AnswerA. The length of time the animal is pregnant

  • 33. Parturition is?A disease in cattleThe act of giving birthA disease in sheepThe time when an animal is pregnant

  • AnswerB. The act of giving birth

  • 34. Plant cells contain these 2 structures that are not found in animal cells?Cell wall and chloroplastCell wall and cytoplasmCell membrane and chloroplastNucleus and mitochondria

  • AnswerA. Cell wall and chloroplast

  • 35. The three components necessary for photosynthesis to occur?Carbon dioxide, water, oxygenLight, sugar, oxygenCarbon dioxide, water, lightCarbon dioxide, light, oxygen

  • AnswerC. Carbon dioxide, water, light

  • 36. Hydroponics refers to?An irrigation systemGrowing aquatic plantsGrowing plants without waterGrowing plants in a water solution

  • AnswerD. Growing plants in a water solution

  • 37. Functions of the root may include?Absorption of waterStorageReproductionAll of theseNone of these

  • AnswerD. All of these

  • 38. True or False: The process of heating milk to destroy potential pathogens present in milk is called pasteurization.TrueFalse

  • AnswerA. True

  • 39. The study of the relationship between organism and their environment is called_______?A. DendrologyB. TaxonomyC. SilvicultureD. Ecology

  • AnswerD. Ecology

  • 40. The introduction of a pathogen that attacks certain insects is called a_______?A. Chemical ControlB. Biological ControlC. Management ControlD. Natural Control

  • AnswerB. Biological Control

  • 41. A backfire extinguishes a fire by_____?A. Creating a strong up draftB. Drying out the soilC. Robbing the fire of fuelD. In the vicinity of the main fire

  • AnswerC. Robbing the fire of fuel

  • 42. A watershed is a/an:A. Drainage basin covered with vegetationB. AquiferC. Reservoir of drinking waterD. Subsurface storage system for water

  • AnswerA. Drainage basin covered with vegetation

  • 43. When considering plant anatomy, the stamen is the _______________ .A. Female reproductive part of the flowerB. Male reproductive part of the flowerC. Opening in the leaf surfaceD. Root hairs responsible for water absorption

  • AnswerB. Male reproductive part of the flower

  • 44. A perennial plant is A. One that completes its life cycle in two yearsB. One that completes its life cycle in one yearC. One that comes back year after yearD. One that completes its life cycle in six months

  • AnswerC. One that comes back year after year

  • 45. A method of sexual propagation would beA. SeedingB. GraftingC. LayeringD. Cuttings

  • AnswerA. Seeding

  • 46. Xylem and Phloem are responsible for: A. TranspirationB. RespirationC. Transporting water and nutrients through the plantD. Irregular growth towards light

  • AnswerC. Transporting water and nutrients through the plant

  • 47. Oregon leads the nation in the production of which of the following crops ?A. HazelnutsB. PearsC. Christmas TreesD. StrawberriesE. A and C

  • AnswerE. A and C

  • 48. The top commodity produced in Oregon in total receipts is ? A. Cattle and CalvesB. WheatC. Christmas TreesD. Nursery and Greenhouse

  • AnswerD. Nursery and Greenhouse

  • 49. Which one of the following post-secondary educational institutions is most involved with Oregon Agriculture? A. University of OregonB. Linn Benton Community CollegeC. Oregon State UniversityD. Blue Mountain Community College

  • AnswerC. Oregon State University

  • 50. The single largest item in Oregon farm production expenses is which one of the following? A. Livestock and Poultry foodB. Petroleum productsC. FertilizerD. Hired Labor

  • AnswerD. Hired Labor

  • 51. Which country is the largest importer of Oregon Agriculture Products? A. MexicoB. EnglandC. CanadaD. Japan

  • AnswerD. Japan

  • 52. A plant with one seed leaf is called a _____. A. MonocotB. UnicotC. UnileafD. Monogerm

  • AnswerA. Monocot

  • 53. A plant with two seed leaves is called a _____. A. MonocotB. UnicotC. UnileafD. Dicot

  • AnswerD. Dicot

  • 54. ________ is a plant process that converts solar energy into stored chemical energy. A. PerspirationB.