1 Integrating Career Awareness Key Trainer Training-Of-Trainers (TOT)

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Transcript of 1 Integrating Career Awareness Key Trainer Training-Of-Trainers (TOT)


1Integrating Career Awareness Key Trainer Training-Of-Trainers (TOT)

Fill in the information on the slide as appropriate. Have the ICA Key Trainer Guides, the PPT Handouts, and the Key Trainer Documents and Forms already at the tables.

Name tents are recommended using markers and stock paper.

You may choose to do any icebreaker that you enjoy as appropriate for your group size. ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout1Copyright Notice The materials are copyrighted and trademarked as the property of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of TEA, except under the following conditions:

Texas public school districts, charter schools, and Education Service Centers may reproduce and use copies of the Materials and Related Materials for the districts and schools educational use without obtaining permission from TEA.Residents of the state of Texas may reproduce and use copies of the Materials and Related Materials for individual personal use only without obtaining written permission of TEAAny portion reproduced must be reproduced in its entirety and remain unedited, unaltered and unchanged in any way.No monetary charge can be made for the reproduced materials or any document containing them; however, a reasonable charge to cover only the cost of reproduction and distribution may be charged.

Private entities or persons located in Texas that are not Texas public school districts, Texas Education Service Centers, or Texas charter schools or any entity, whether public or private, educational or non- educational, located outside the state of Texas MUST obtain written approval from TEA and will be required to enter into a license agreement that may involve the payment of a licensing fee or a royalty.

For information contact:Office of Copyrights, Trademarks, License Agreements, and Royalties Texas Education Agency 1701 N. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701-1494 Phone: (512) 463-9270 Email: [email protected] that this PPT is copyrighted by TEA and that these materials may not be used for profit.

ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout2Assumptions & Whats New The ICA Training CycleTouring the Revised PPTTagging the ICA Trainer GuideTrying It OutFollow-up Surveys & SessionsDocumenting Key Trainer TasksInvoicing Texas LEARNSWrap-up & Evaluation Key Trainer TOT Agenda

3Go over the agenda briefly. ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout34Session ObjectivesYou will be able to:Explain the Integrating Career Awareness Training Cycle for the local program.Use the following Integrating Career Awareness Trainer Guide components to prepare for local program ICA workshop and follow-ups.Receive a hard copy of the Key Trainer documentation and invoicing forms

Go over the session objectives. Note that there are more components than are listed in the 2nd bullet, and that all of those components are included in the Key Trainer Guide. ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout45AssumptionsYoull draw on your own ICA classroom experiences.The primary focus for teachers of the Initial ICA Training you will facilitate is to introduce teachers to the curriculum and motivate them to use it.The Trainer Guide is not a script. Presenting a workshop will require additional advance preparation and practice on your part.Go over the assumptions. Stress that the major objective of this workshop is to get teachers to enjoy ICA activities themselves and to recognize the value that these activities can have for their students.

ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout56Whats New? Many More slides!Though usually good training does not depend on PowerPoint slides, we have added MANY slides to the original presentation you attended.These slides are meant to PROMPT you of the training content. The slides will make it EASIER for you to present the training.

The original PPT included only 13 slides. Several MICATs added in their own slides in order to serve as a better visual reminder to themselves and to their participants of what was going on in the training.

Two GREAT regions, Coastal and South Central, shared their revised PowerPoints with Denise Guckert, the Texas LEARNS Coordinating Consultant who is responsible for the ICA training. She combined the information as well as added additional clarification to result in the PPT you will be see shortly.

The PowerPoint we will preview today is the one you will be using with your local program staff.

ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout67Whats new? PPT Slide Notes The original Trainer Guide has been updated with all of the new slides and instructions for them.

In addition, the slides now have notes, so you may choose to use the slide notes as a guide as you go through your training.

The Coastal Region MICATS Karen Couey, Denise Johnson and Martin Loa worked very hard to incorporate training notes on the PPTs. Denise Guckert has continued this practice, and the PPT you will be using has trainer notes throughout. This may help you practice and also serve as a quick review during the trainer when necessary. ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout78Whats not new? You will still need to study Even though you will have slide notes, you cannot go through the training with your head buried in them!

You will need to spend ample time studying and practicing before you present.Practicing means going through sections in front of a mirror, or better yet, with another person.Of course, even with PowerPoint notes, Key Trainers will still need to study and practice. It is not good practice to read through PowerPoint slides during an entire presentation or to have your head stuck in paper while you read.

You really should try to go through the training at least on your own before you present. Because you will actually not be conducting activities, this may take you about 2-3 hours rather than the entire 6 hours.ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout89The ICA Training Cycle: Minimum

Minimum time frameThe minimum time for the ICA Training Cycle is 3 months. This includes the Initial ICA Training and 2 follow-up sessions.

The first follow-up session should follow about a month after the initial training, and the second follow-up session follows at least 3 months after the initial sessions.

It is important for teachers to experience both short-term and long-term follow-up for this initiative, as it is an initiative that will continue throughout this year and the following 2 years.ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout910The ICA Training Cycle: Maximum

Maximum time frame (will be rare)Programs do have the option to stretch their training time if necessary. The first follow-up still should take place within 6 weeks, but the long term follow-up can fall up to 6 months after the Initial ICA Training.ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout1011See It on the Big ScreenWe will go through the PPT presentation to give an overview of the changes and of the overall structure.

You will have time to read through with a partner shortly.

Participants will view the slides as you project them. You may choose to answer questions/discuss during this time as appropriate.

As you go through the PPT, point out the original slides, slides that are Texas specific, and slides that were added based on the original Trainer Guide. Point out the repeating pattern through the sampling of activities from each of the four curriculum sections. This pattern should help guide the Key Trainers through their facilitation of these activities.

Slides that are part of the original PPT include 1, 3, 4. 7-8, 10-13, and 19-22

New content that is "Texas specific include slides 2, 5, 6, 9, and 63-68

Slides that contain information that is in the Trainer Guide include all of the rest of the added slides (8, 17-18, and 23-62). Almost all of these slides revolve around the following pattern for each curriculum section:

List of curriculum structureIntroduction to the new sectionIntroduction to the activityReflection for the activityIntegration of the activity into the Lesson Planning TemplateWrap-up of the section

ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout1112A Closer Look at the PPTLocate Appendix B: Trainer PowerPoint Notes in your Trainer Guide.Work with a partner to read through and discuss the slides.Use sticky notes to write down questions you have about any specific slide. Tag the slide with the note. At the end of the day, we will revisit these questions later to see if they have been answered.You have about approximately 20 minutes!

If you see any mistakes, please write down the slide # and the mistake on a sticky for your facilitator.

Participants will pair up to locate the new PowerPoint slides with notes that their teachers will receive in the Initial ICA Training. They should take time to read through the slides together and discuss anything that makes sense to them, or doesnt.

Sticky notes should be provided for them to notate questions that they will place to flag the slide in question. Tell participants that at the end of the day, they will go back to these sticky notes and bring up any points for discussion that have not yet been answered.ICA Key Trainer TOT PowerPoint Handout1213Tagging the ICA Trainer GuideTake time to read through the Trainer Guide Introduction (pages 2 - 7).Create a sticky note for each section described in the Table of Contents on page 2. Abbreviate section titles as you wish.Attach the sticky note to the corresponding section in the Key Trainer Guide.

This may seem silly at first, but it is a kinesthetic activity that gets participants to work in the Trainer Guide and really see where the different sections are located. If you do