1- Context 2- Monitoring and evaluation tools Benjamin Herzberg CICIC.

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Transcript of 1- Context 2- Monitoring and evaluation tools Benjamin Herzberg CICIC.

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  • 1- Context 2- Monitoring and evaluation tools Benjamin Herzberg CICIC
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  • BiH political context: stability - coexistence STATE Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Republika Srpska 10 cantons Brcko Office of the High Representative: Implement the 1995 Dayton peace accord IMF WB EC USAID
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  • BiH economic context: on the road to better climate Infrastructure mostly there $5 billion dollars spent on BiH Declining donor assistance GDP (KM 9B) 5,5% growth rate Current account deficit: exports = 1/3 imports Debt KM 5B 2002 FDI = 120% 2001 Average salary: KM 470 Competitive business environment to attract investment and increase exports Transition to market economy - Inherited red-tape laws Cumbersome Dayton structure (Single Economic Space) Corruption (as in Central & East European transition countries) Large gray market (40%), no incentive to enter legitimate market Poor institutions: inefficient courts, heavy administration Lack of political will Lack of advocating constituencies Stable currency, natural resources, low wages, educated workforce Key growth sectors:wood, textiles, organic farming, energy, water +
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  • Some salt into the conventional recipe TOP DOWN Private sector privatization, banking/credit, debt, labor market, tax (WB, USAID) Institution/capacity building eg state revenue authority, veterinary institute, standards and measurements, competition (ALL) Macroeconomic stability hard budget constraint, currency board (IMF) Rule of law courts, legislation, police (OHR/UN/EU) OHR coordinating and monitoring role Structural reforms Classic model + UP BOTTOM Methodology Define the market ENTREPRENEURS Create a product ROADBLOCK Create a brand BULLDOZER Create a value proposition 50 economic reforms in 150 days SLOGAN
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  • Jan 29 Bulldozer Committee 2 nd Plenary Session Vetting 15 reforms Feb 07Feb 13 Feb 20 Feb 25Mar 03Mar 24 Bulldozer Committee 3 rd Plenary Session Vetting 27 reforms Bulldozer Committee 1 st Plenary Session Vetting 8 reforms Dec 17 Nov 12 HR meeting Young Entrepreneurs TRAVNIK Feb 12 BC Public meeting ZENICA BC Public meeting ORASJE BC Public meeting BRCKO Jan 27Jan 16 BC Public meeting TUZLA BC Public meeting MOSTAR BC Public meeting BANJA LUKA HR Press Conf. To Present BC 50 reforms Bulldozer Committee 50 REFORMS PUBLISHED IN PRESS Apr 22 Mar 25 Joint Parliament Meeting in National Theatre with BC Reform Enactment by 3 Parliaments 5 0 E C O N O M I C R E F O R M S I N 1 5 0 D A Y S 3 Govts give their amendments package to PAs under urgent procedure Apr 3 BC presents 50 reforms to CoM, RS, FBiH in JOINT GOVERNMENT SESSION Mar 12 Monitoring tool: publicly available timeline
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  • Roadblock submission form R01 Harmonization of LLC Minimum Capital Requirement R06 Removing mandatory fee for shelter in FBiH R20 Statewide amendments to provisions on training and volunteer labor R24 Easing export of drugs and medicines from BiH R28 Removing need for registration of foreign representative office in both entities R35 Transform Chambers Membership in RS from Compulsory to Voluntary R43 Easing collateral transferability R47 Liberalization of Inter Entity Transport Regulations for Helping Refugee Return Tansportation Evaluation tool: quantifiable outputs 50 roadblocks
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  • R01: Harmonizing minimum capital requirement for LLC
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  • Evaluation tool: detailed tracking, official gazette check
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  • Monitoring tool: Transparency, legitimacy, accountability 1 Review and analyze Dialogue and process Enact and publish Implement and follow-up Verify and measure 12 123 1234 12345 BULLDOZER PHASE II FIRST PLENARY SESSION Forms distributed by committees Proposals Received by committees Proposals pre-selected by committees Selected Proposals sent to Bulldozer Board Selected proposals by Bulldozer Board Proposals vetted by IMF, WB, EC, USAID, OHR Proposals selected in First Plenary Session for inclusion into final book of 50 Proposals on hold for further review Northwest500292787661 Northeast700402010544 Banja Luka Region6007040104222 Sarajevo Region45013232129753 Herzegovina200151043112 Central Bosnia12008025103114 Total36503661545431211912 Ratio 100%42%15%8.5%6%5% 9
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  • Evaluation tool: loose indicators, quantifiable evidence
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  • M&E through public disclosure Brochure 1: 100,000 copies, 3 languages, 5 newspapers and magazines Brochure 2: 200,000 copies, 1 languages, 5 newspapers and magazines
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  • Phase II Bulldozer reform process