1. Alexander the Great Cultural diffusion PIGE Hellenistic Age Byzantine Empire

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Transcript of 1. Alexander the Great Cultural diffusion PIGE Hellenistic Age Byzantine Empire

  • 1. Alexander the GreatCultural diffusion PIGEHellenistic Age Byzantine Empire

  • 2. Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan-Conqueror world emperor-Leader of Mongols

  • 3. Marco Polo/ Ibn Battuta-Marco- established trade routes-Ibn- Great Traveler-Muslim -Both encouraged tradeCultural Diffussion

  • 4. Mansa Musa -King of Mali-Took his hajj to Mecca-Distributed gold along the way-Brought Islam (Muslim) back to northern African countries

  • 5. Columbus -Explorer -Exploiter-Columbian Exchange

  • 6. Martin Luther -Wrote 95 Theses -Sparked Protestant Reformation-Believed faith was the only wayto receive salvation

  • 7. Peter the Great and Catherine the Great-Known for westernization

  • 8. William and Mary of Orange -Glorious Revolution -Signed English Bill of Rights -Turned England into a Parliamentary (limited) democracy

  • 9. John Locke-English Enlightenment Thinker-All people born are good-Entitled to certain natural rights

  • 10. Montesquieu -Believed in creating Three Branches of Government-Checks and Balances

  • 11.Voltaire -French Enlightenment Thinker -believed in free speech Ill defend you to the death your right to say it

  • 12. Adam Smith -wrote Wealth of Nations Laissez Faire Free MarketSupply and Demand

  • 13. Robespierre -Radical Jacobin -Took control of the National Assembly -Reign of Terror

  • 14. Louis XVI-an absolute monarch in France-executed during the French Revolution

  • 15. Simon Bolivar revolutionary known as The Liberator formed Gran-Colombia

  • 16. Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleonic CodeTried to invade Russia in the winter and failed

  • 17.MetternichCongress of Vienna Tried to turn back the clock to the old conservative ways (status quo)Established a balance of power

  • 18.Garibaldi -Leader of the nationalist group called the Red Shirts in Italy

  • 19. Bismarck -Iron Chancellor -used a policy of Blood and Iron -Fought 3 Wars

  • 20. Karl Marx -wrote Communist Manifestobelieved in the inevitable class struggleIndustrialization is root of communism

  • 21. Thomas Malthus - proposed an economic theory that the population will exceed the food supply

  • 22. Rudyard Kipling wrote The White Mans Burden justified imperialism

  • 23. Czar Nicholas II(Little Nicky)last Czar of Russia Killed by the Red Army Nicholas and Alexandra In 1889 Nicholas married his cousin, Alexandra. The marriage was a very happy one and they had five children, four daughters and last a son, Alexis. Alexis suffered from haemophilia, a disease of the blood which at that time was untreatable.

  • 24. Lenin -leader of the Reds (Bolsheviks) promised Peace, Land, Bread orchestrated the Treaty of Brest Litvosk to get Russia out of WW I

  • 25. Stalin-dictator of the USSR-ruled with terror and brutality-communist-Five Year Plans-Great Purge

  • 26. Kemal Ataturk name means father of the TurksWesternization Modern-day Turkey is a marriage of the character of ancient Anatolian civilizations and the progressive secular democracy and reforms launched by Mustafa Kemal Atatrk, the father of the Turks.

  • 27. Gandhi, Mahatma fought to end British rule in IndiaCivil Disobedience

  • 28. HitlerFascist dictator of Germany formed the Third Reich

  • 29. Churchill-British Prime Minister

  • 30. Jiang Jeishi or Chiang Kai Shekleader of the Guomindang sent Mao on the Long March fled to Taiwan when Mao took overRepublic of China

  • 31. Mao Zedong leader of the communists in China Great Leap ForwardCultural RevolutionRed Guards

  • 32. Deng Xiaoping communist leader in ChinaImplemented Four ModernizationsIt doesnt matter if the cat isResponsible for the Tiananmen Square Massacre

  • 33. Jomo Kenyatta -helped Kenya achieve independence (nationalism)-became 1st Prime Minister

  • 34. Kwame Nkrumah created the OAU worked to end colonial rule in Africa Inspired by Pan- Africanism OAU (Organization of African Unity)

  • 35. Mandela 1st black South African President leader of the ANC jailed for 27 years fought to end apartheid

  • 36. Pol Pot leader of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia Reign of Terror Year Zero

  • 37. Arafat - leader of the PLO

  • 38. Rabin - Israeli Prime Minister

  • 39. Ayatollah Khomeini he overthrew the ShahTurned Iran into an Islamic Republic (Fundamentalist State) Iranian Revolution anti-west

  • 40. Gorbechev leader of the USSR 1985 wanted to end the Cold War reformed economy (perestoika/ glasnost)

  • 41. Fidel Castro communist leader of Cuba Cuban Revolution

  • 42. Mobutu Sese Seko Dictator of Zaire bankrupted the country remained in control because he was anti- communist

  • 43. Kim Jung IlCommunist leader of North KoreaUnpredictablePossesses nuclear weaponsHatred of the US

  • 44. DreyfusFrench, Jewish Officer, Focus of the Dreyfus AffairAccused of Treason, sent to Devils IslandCause of Jewish anti-Semitism in France

  • 45. Herzl, TheodorFounder of the Zionist movementA Jewish journalist who studied lawWrote and published The Jewish State.

  • 46. MachievelliThe end justifies the means Do what ever it takes to accomplish your goals.

  • 47. Hosni Mubarak30 plus year leader of EgyptRecently stepped down from power from a coup de tatProtests were held in Tahrir Square after social media communicationsArmy still in control of Egypt

  • 48. Muammar Al GadaffiDictator of Libya for 42 years

    Chased out of office in a coup de tat.

    Captured and killed by revolutionary leaders

  • 49. Bashir al AssadLeader of Syria for more than 40 yearsOppressing his peopleKilling protestors