09.09.2014 Apple Keynote Analysis by Phonevalley-DigitasLBi

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09.09.2014 Apple Keynote Analysis by Phonevalley-DigitasLBi

Transcript of 09.09.2014 Apple Keynote Analysis by Phonevalley-DigitasLBi

  • 1. APPLE KEYNOTE 09/09/2014
  • 2. NEW
  • 3. SPECIFICITIES iPhone 6 4,7 iPhone 6 Plus 5,5 1334x750 pixels Retina Processor A8 1Go RAM Storage:16Go, 62Go, 128Go Camera 8MP Video 1080 60 fps Bluetooth 4.4 NFC Battery improved 709-919 euros 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD) Retina HD Processor A8 1Go RAM Storage : 16Go, 62Go, 128Go Camera 8MP Video 1080 60 fps Bluetooth 4.4 NFC Battery improved 809-1019 euros Any existing app will scale to the screen
  • 4. CAMERA FEATURES Focus Pixels True tone flash Face detection Exposure control Auto stabilization Optical image stabilization Panorama 240 fps Slo-mo Face Time HD HDR video Burst mode Timer mode
  • 5. APPLE PAY Apple introduced his payment solution using NFC, Apple Pay In Stores You can now pay in store with your iPhone, using Touch ID and NFC. To add a credit card, take a photo of it through the app. For security, numbers and identity will not be displayed. You can add several cards in your wallet. Security Each transaction is encrypted, so you never share your account information with tradespeople.
  • 6. PARTNERSHIPS Credit cards Participating banks 220 000 stores
  • 7. PAYMENT IN-APP You can also pay in app with the secure payment Apple Pay Partnerships
  • 8. RELEASE
  • 9. NEW
  • 10. DESIGN Personalization 2 screen sizes (38mm & 42mm) 3 kinds of materials (Stainless, Aluminum and Gold 18 carats) 4 colors (Black, Steel, Yellow and Rose Gold) 9 different bracelets Many faces 3 collections 349 US$
  • 11. INTERFACE & USE Navigate through the OS thanks to the digital crown and by touching the screen. Each app is accessible on the menu, represented by colored circles with the watch app always in the center. The entire UI is customizable, so you can choose how the apps are presented on the home screen and how they appear in full screen on your wrist. Rotating it allows you to zoom into your app selection, your location on Apple Maps and a photo from a gallery. Scrolling through dates and stopwatch times is handled by this knob too. The digital crown also acts as the Apple Watch home button.
  • 12. FEATURES COMMUNICATE Several ways to communicate thanks to the Apple watch are available. Quick reply to texts and iMessages Reply with customable emojis. Reply with a draw referring to a defined message.. The Walkie-Talkie app lets you use the built-in speaker and microphone to trade sound bites, while Tap lets you send Morse Code style taps that will pulsate on your friends Apple Watch. Pressing two fingers on the screen records and sends your heartbeat. HOME Apple announce, thanks to Home, their home automation solution, user could control their home automation devices with Siri; through the watch. And Calendar, Music control, Maps, PassBook, payment HEALTH The Activity app is a graphic displaying your daily activity with a different colored ring for each of the following: Move, Exercise and Stand. The Workout app offer real time stats on the exercise time, distance travelled, calories burnt and the pace youre keeping. To keep you motivated the Workout app sets you personalized daily goals, alerts you with reminders and gives you achievements for your perseverance.
  • 13. WatchKit NEW
  • 14. WatchKit Apple release WatchKit, the SDK for developpers. It means that a new app store, dedicated to apps for Apple Watch will be available. Its the opportunity for brands to adapt or develop relevant apps on Apple Watch. We already know that Pinterest, Facebook, Starbucks and many others are on the breach.
  • 15. NEW
  • 16. EVENT : U2s NEWEST ALBUM To close the keynote, Apple planned a surprise for attendees. In exclusivity, U2 performed a concert to introduce their new album Song of Innocence. As usual with Apple, there is one more thing: The album Song of Innocence is available for free on iTunes during 5 weeks.
  • 17. APPLE KEYNOTE 09/09/2014