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  • 1. Weisy and Jerm's Copenhagen

2. Every morning we would wake up to this.. 3. Breakfast for the first morning 4. The architectural breakfast... chef, Arne Jacobsen. I actually really like this one, for its simplicity and lines, looks good at night too 5. Office buildings 'floating' on water 6. Outdoor ice rink!!! Fulfilled one of life's dreams... tick! 7. The rink is actually on a large round-a-bout and is donut in shape 8. Our first smoerrbroed, which is a Danish open sandwich. Wei's guide book recommended it, and it was fantastic.Above is the ox tongue and those curly things on my plate are fried onion. That was amazing. 9. Beautiful flakey fish with fried beetroot and a gorgeous mayonaise. There is surprisingly very little bread in these sandwiches. Just a lot of 'smoerr'But their sauces and mayos are to die for. 10. And the woman herself, Ida Davidsen. Her son served us and he was so giving (we should have had a photo with him. 11. This is the church where Princess Mary got married. We walked in to some beautiful organ music that day. Music really makes a religious space! 12. Great shot weisy! 13. Love the way different qualities of light define different moods spaces...mmm 14. The Changing of the Guards involved much fanfare, it was all quite jolly. No way, this guard is smiling! 15. New opera house on axis with the Royal Square. A 'gift' to the city from Maesk, you know the shipping guy.. Personally, I enjoy the roof, but inside is better I think. But it's nothing compared to our House 16. Love this. In Royal Copenhagen Store on the Stoerget. It is a very clean, slick interior. But the lace motif is just enough ornament to give it a bit of femininity. 17. Little surprises behind the street facade, give the city richness 18. Hehe.. They grill cheese on top of Hehe.. warm chilli con carne... the bun 19. This really speaks for itself. 20. Weisy and Mr Potato Head made a fantastic curry 21. The foyer is quite a dynamic space, when full. But the Danes don't really know as much about opera as they think they do.Good public space, visually stimulating. Social? Sort of. Concert hall acoustics? Pretty shite actually, there is not much richness to the sound, it is quite flat and dry. Quality of opera? Hmmm? The voluptuous curtain was the most beautiful and sexiest thing in an opera about lust. Will restrain myself on commenting on the actual operaLets focus on the pretty things... 22. Weisy in front of the castle where they keep the crown jewels 23. Today is a museum day. Weisy at the Statens Museum for Kunst 24. The new extension. This is a great space and in the next few hours it would fill up for a free piano recital. Reminds me of a funny Norwegian friend who said If it is a civilized culture the museums should be free. In any society the keepers of culture should give freely to the next generation 25. Double height cafe space is quite magnificent 26. Our favourite painting. I call her the 'Splatter Girl'. Conveys very well how it feels to fall in the snow! 27. Sweet potato and leek soup 28. Apple crumble..... at midnight(Did I tell you how great the kitchen was? Gas! And all the utensils you would ever need! And a little window at the sink that looks over the roof tops...)