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  • 7/26/2019 0616 Newsletter


    9:00 am9:00 am9:00 am9:00 am

    TraditionalWorshipin the Sanctuary

    10:10 am10:10 am10:10 am10:10 am

    Sunday SchoolTime

    11:00 am11:00 am11:00 am11:00 am


    in the Sanctuary

    We uphold the United Methodist Church by our PRAYERS, PRESENCE, GIFTS, SERVICE & WITNESS




    Making Disciples


    the World

    O U R M I S S I O N

    S T A T E M E N T :

    M A K I N G D I S C I P L E S . . . C H A N G I N G T H E W O R L D

    J U N E 2 0 1 5

    F I R S T N O T E S









    1st1st1st1st $6,28

    8th8th8th8th $,!8!

    1"th1"th1"th1"th $#,2#1

    22nd22nd22nd22nd $,0#

    2!th2!th2!th2!th %&'()

    May Total %ifts *ecei+ed to ateMay Total %ifts *ecei+ed to ateMay Total %ifts *ecei+ed to ateMay Total %ifts *ecei+ed to ate$21,"





    AprilAprilAprilAprilNet GainNet GainNet GainNet Gain






    /ear/ear/ear/eartotototoateateateateNet GainNet GainNet GainNet Gain


    ! am! am! am! am 11 am11 am11 am11 amSundaySundaySundaySundaySchoolSchoolSchoolSchool

    1st1st1st1st 108 #0 "

    8th8th8th8th 12 "8 !

    1"th1"th1"th1"th 80 0 ""

    22nd22nd22nd22nd !8 #! "

    2!th2!th2!th2!th -S-A/SC34










    2016 Monthly 5udet2016 Monthly 5udet2016 Monthly 5udet2016 Monthly 5udet-eeds-eeds-eeds-eeds7777$2",0"!

    The Summer Solstice is a

    pre-Christian holiday andhas been celebrated

    throughout Europe and

    many parts of the worldfor eons. The early

    Christian Church assimi-

    lated the holiday into their

    calendar and the newholiday was associated

    with the birth of John the

    Baptist which is obser!edon June "#. $Just a little

    tri!ia for you.%

    The summer solstice

    mar&s the longest hours

    of daylight in the 'orth-ern (emisphere and the

    shortest hours in the

    Southern (emisphere.)or us it is a great time

    for family**

    This Summer brea& graba friend your children

    spouse or someone and

    en+oy ,ods Beautifulcreation.

    in!ite all of you to praythis prayer on June "/th.








  • 7/26/2019 0616 Newsletter


    God not

    only seeswhere you

    are, He sees

    where you

    can be.

    Page 2F I R S T N O T E S

    Flora EricksonMary Knapp

    Terry CathersJune CathersAnne Ranz

    JoAnn MoranMike Sutcliffe

    Sherrolyn WebbDeanna arnhart

    !len S"ith(father of Glenda Getchell)

    Serving in the Military:Josh # Kenzli $n%er&oo%

    Drey ark"anSs't( Ro'er) Melissa# Ti"othy Myers

    Joshua *atchJack Martin

    (Training at a military facility .)




    3 45674849 .RE7MA0,fu"cron%a3'"ail(co"


    +RA1ER,0ST( T*A-KYOU!

    The Wisdom of

    DAVIDCOLLINSGraduating from Kansas University

    with a Bachelors in East Asian Languages !ultures"on of #eredith !ollins

    JESSIEPRINGLEGraduating from Kansas Universitywith a Bachelors of $istory

    %aughter of Kent !athy &ringle

    DANIELLERUBOWGraduating from 'orthwest #issouri "tate !ollegewith a Bachelors of "cience in Business #areting

    %aughter of !huc aye *u+ow

    :lease contact the church office if you ha+e a collee raduate to reconi=e in ne>t month?s ne@sletter;:lease contact the church office if you ha+e a collee raduate to reconi=e in ne>t month?s ne@sletter;:lease contact the church office if you ha+e a collee raduate to reconi=e in ne>t month?s ne@sletter;:lease contact the church office if you ha+e a collee raduate to reconi=e in ne>t month?s ne@sletter;

  • 7/26/2019 0616 Newsletter


    M A K I N G D I S C I P L E S . . . C H A N G I N G T H E W O R L D Page 3

    ear %od;;;ear %od;;;ear %od;;;ear %od;;;ear %od, & @ant to Be ustliDe my daddy @hen & etolder; Eust not @ith so muchhair;


    ear %od, Are you a -inaF&s that @hy & can?t see youF


    ear %od, & @ould liDe toli+e !00 years liDe that uyin the 5iBle;


    ear %od, :lease chane thetaste of asparaus; &t?s ross;


    ear %od, Mommy says allBaBies cry, But & don?t thinDBaBy Eesus did; /ou mustDno@ the ans@er so please@rite BacD; We ha+e a Bet;


    ear %od, Would you maDe mea little BrotherF & need someone to Boss around;


    ear %od, & do not thinD anyBody could Be a Better %od;Well & ust @ant you to Dno@But & am not ust sayin thatBecause you are %od;


    Get to Church





    Vacation Bible School 2016

    June 610/9:00am11:30am

    For Kids Age 3 - 5thGrade

    5e sure to rememBer in prayer, all our Dids @ho @ill Be attendin Camp Chippe@a this summer;

    Teachers Needed! &t maDes no difference @hether youare 21 or #, Dids are not hun up By ae; &f you ha+e a desire toteach children aBout %od, / A*( -(((; %od has aBundantBlessins in store for Both you and the children) :lease contact

    emian at 2126"" or Boomermals26Gmail;com;

    '5S is almost here, and & Dno@ the Dids are e>cited aBout it; ur staff @ould liDeto thanD e+eryone @ho has enerously donated to '5S; & @ould also liDe to thanDmy helpers and leaders for all the time they ha+e put into maDin '5S a reality;Without my leaders and helpers this @ould not Be possiBle; %od has Blessed ourchurch family @ith some +ery @onderful people and & for one am thanDful;

    9or those @ho are reisterin at the door, '5S is startin Eune 6that !H00am and@ill finish e+ery day at 11H#0am; 5e sure your children Brin their o@n tshirt forthe @eeD;

    Summer Sunday school is startin soon, &?m still short on Sunday school teachersfor the summer classes; &f you @ould Be interested in sinin for leadin oneSunday a month let me Dno@; Summer Sunday school @ill Be startin Eune 12thfollo@in '5S;

    We ha+e our Bra+e one?s headin off to Camp Chippe@a this summer, so if you@ould send the daily prayers for @hile they are a@ay from home & Dno@ they @ouldlo+e that;

    ThanD you so much for your continued support of our churches future, ourChildren hold the Dey to a Brihter and promisin future for us all; Teachin themof %ods lo+e and mercy is so important to them, Eust rememBer it?s not ust thepeople at church?s responsiBility, its you as parents to help lead them in %od?slory; 3a+e a @onderful month of Eune and %od Bless you;

    emian Weehaupt, /oun Ministries irector

  • 7/26/2019 0616 Newsletter


    Page 4I N O T H E R N E W S . . . . .

    We @ant to thanD you fyour Dind and thouhtfuift; /our enerosity @ilhelp o a lon @ay tomeet the needs of theless fortunate; SuchDindness inspires hopea second chance; %odi+es us all manychances in life;

    ThanD yo

    May %od?s Blessins @ith yoThe 9aith 3ou

    & @ould liDe to thanDe+eryone for theirprayers, phone calls another acts of Dindnessafter my recent hipsurery; %od is ood;5lessin to you all;

    EoAnn Mor

    O U R C H U R C H


    CCCC3*C33*C33*C33*C39999CCCC3A-T(3A-T(3A-T(3A-T(, , , , A-SA-SA-SA-Sin the Search 5ar

    :antry Sunday:antry Sunday:antry Sunday:antry Sunday

    Sunday, Eune 26this:antry Sunday;

    Dont forget to bring youronation for the !oo

    "antry #ith you$Challene forChallene forChallene forChallene forEune @ill BeEune @ill BeEune @ill BeEune @ill Be


    *elay for 4ife 3elp*elay for 4ife 3elp*elay for 4ife 3elp*elay for 4ife 3elp

    -eeded-eeded-eeded-eeded3elp is needed at theSur+i+or?s SnacD Bardurin this year?s *elayfor 4ife Bein held on9riday, Eune 10thfromH#076H00pm; CallCharlene *iley at

    ##0!0! or email her,

    charlenemrGhotmail;comif you can help;

    Mission :enniesMission :enniesMission :enniesMission :ennies;;;for the month ofEune @ill Be used forthe 5acD to School 3aircuts for ids proram;

    %ifts . :ri=es -eeded%ifts . :ri=es -eeded%ifts . :ri=es -eeded%ifts . :ri=es -eededThe Church I Societycommittee is in need of

    ifts and pri=es to Bei+en to the residents atthe Murray 3ill Apts;The committee hosts aparty . Bino amethere each month;

    A%A:(A%A:(A%A:(A%A:(7A Gree% #orfor self&giving love.The Aape 9und is aministry that allo@s theparticipant to i+e$";00 or more fourtimes per year; Thismoney is used to help aspecific area person ora family in need; &f you@ould liDe to Be addedto our participants list,

    please contact thechurch office G#120 and talD to*onda; :articipantsare Dept secret andconfidential;