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Developing Family Planning Counseling Model Base on Video

Transcript of 033-3 Astri Nurdiana

DEVELOPING FAMILY PLANNING COUNSELING MODEL BASED ON VIDEOAstri NurdianaSingaperbangsa UniversityWest Java, IndonesiaThe ICM Asia Pacifc Regional Conference 2015Lead Presenter Astri NurdianaThere are no companies, etc. in a relation of conflict of interest requiring disclosure in relation to the presentation.Total Fertility RateTotal Fertility RateImprove womens nowledge o! "AR# Family $lanning #oun%eling &ediaFamily $lanning #oun%eling &edia'ideo'ideo"AR# Sele%tionMethodMethod10th -14th day of postpartum36th - 40th day of postpartum2 3! (i!!erent )nowledge o! "AR# *e!ore And A!ter Treatment (i!!erent )nowledge o! "AR# *e!ore And A!ter Treatment "T-Test"Mc. #emarT+e $er%entage )nowledge o! IU(, Implant, T+e Side ,!!e%t o! -ormonal #ontra%eption and T+e *ene!it o! "AR#T+e $er%entage )nowledge o! IU(, Implant, T+e Side ,!!e%t o! -ormonal #ontra%eption and T+e *ene!it o! "AR#T+e (i!!eren%e o! "AR# Sele%tion *e!ore and A!ter T+e Treatment"Marginal $omogenityT+e #orrelation o! Family $lanning #ounseling &edia Usage wit+ t+e )nowledge and "AR# Sele%tion"%earson""Rank &pearmanT+e &ultivariable Analysis o! Fa%tors W+i%+ A!!e%t t+e Respondents )nowledge about "AR#T+e &ultivariable Analysis o! Fa%tors W+i%+ A!!e%t t+e Respondents )nowledge about "AR#"'ogistic (egressionT+e &ultivariable Analysis o! Fa%tors W+i%+ A!!e%t t+e "AR# Sele%tionT+e &ultivariable Analysis o! Fa%tors W+i%+ A!!e%t t+e "AR# Sele%tion"'ogistic (egression )iscussion)iscussion* The use of +ideo as a media is a ne, ,ay of sharing the information in family planning counseling especially in -ndonesia* The use of +ideo ,ill .e much more effecti+e as a learning media * /sing the +ideo as a media to share and help in determining the family planning program ma0es the counseling much more interesting in the eye of the respondents, the respondents ,ill focus more to the the +ideo, so that unconsciously the memory of respondents ,or0s to acquire and understand more information a.out '1(2 and the information ,ill .e more easier to memori3e. * The .etter 0no,ledge of '1(2 can influence ,omen to choose '1(22onclusion2onclusion4ideo can .e used as media to con+ey information. $o,e+er there are fe, studies in its effecti+eness in influencing ,omen to use '1(2, this studysho,sthatthemodeloffamilyplanningcounseling.asedon +ideo can .e use to impro+e and enhance the 0no,ledge of a mother a.out family planning and '1(2 ,hich can impro+e 51.!6 0no,ledge after treatment and influence the '1(2 selection.(eferences1. &toddard 1, Mc#icholas 2, %eipert 78. 9fficacy and safety of long-acting re+ersi.le contraception. )rugs. 2011 May 25: 1;56>?50.2. @inner A, %eipert 78, Bhao C, Auc0el 2, Madden T, 1lls,orth 79, d00. 9ffecti+eness of long-acting re+ersi.le contraception. # 9ngl 7 Med. 2012 May 24:366;21>5?200.3. @orld $ealth Drganisation. medical eligi.ility criteria for contracepti+e use. &,it3erland= @$D: 200>.4. Erunloh )&, 2asner T, &ecura EM, %eipert 78, Madden T. 2haracteristics associated ,ith discontinuation of long-acting re+ersi.le contraception ,ithin the first 6 months of use. D.stet Eynecol. 2013 )ec:122;6: 33>= .25>!.6. 2oolen 9$, )raaisma 7M, $oge+een M, 1ntonius T1, 'ommen 2M, 'oeffen 7'. 9ffecti+eness of high fidelity +ideo-assisted real-time simulation= a comparison of three training methods for acute pediatric emergencies. -nt 7 %ediatrics. 2012: 2012= 5