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  • 1. Growing Your Business ProfitablyBy Utilising Linkedin Expert ConsultancyBy Dr. Mark D. Yates# 1 Linkedin Expert#1 Business Development Director#1 Business Growth Specialist 1

2. About Link Business Marketing Ltd Hi and welcome to Link Business Marketing. We specialise in growing profitable businesses by designing & managing your business social media networking & marketing strategies & plans. We are a global business run by over 200 business growth specialists & Linkedin experts.We would welcome the opportunity to help you grow your business locally, nationally or Internationally.You can visit our web site at www.elinked.eu 2 3. Our Professional Business Service Link Business Marketing Limited was set up to provide business growth, support, advice, training, mentoring & business consultancy for members of Linkedin & their business clients. Linkedin.com is the worlds largest & most professional online business networking group. It has nearly 200 million members world-wide including over 10 million UK business members. Dr. Mark D. Yates is the top Linkedin expert, business development director and business growth specialist from over 187 million members world - wide. He is also one of the worlds most connected Linkedin members with Linkedins maximum of 30,000 1st level, & 30 million 2nd level Linkedin connections. Dr. Mark D. Yates is the global operations director of Link Business Marketing Limited and his fellow Directors are all Marketing and Social Media professionals. www.elinked.eu is the business web site of Link Business Marketing Limited3 4. This Is What We Provide Our Service For By providing you with expert, advice, support and Mission Specific training, we will help you to really understand how to achieve a profitable return on your Linkedin marketing investment. Or we will consult with you and provide a full monthly, or annual management service for your LinkedIn and other social media business networking strategies. Either way youll be pleasantly surprised at how effective we are, & how affordable our fees are. Our business philosophy is simple. More Business Connections = More Business Opportunities. And when you really know how to leverage LinkedIn, the business opportunities multiply as they are seized.If you want LinkedIn expertise to increase your sales & to grow your business, then you need to contact us, not NOW, but RIGHT NOW!4 5. About Our International Operations Director Hi Im Dr. Mark D. Yates & I help business owners &Investors grow profitable long-term sustainablebusinesses anywhere in the world. As one of the worlds top LinkedIn connected businesspeople, Ill introduce you to new business contacts,additional revenue streams & increased sales. Im a proven success orientated business hunter,motivator & corporate trouble shooter. For business owners in trouble, or seeking growth & expansion, just a few hours talking to me canfrequently help you get back on track. For new prospective UK clients we offer a reasonably priced half day informal Pay as you Goconsultation in a hotel coffee shop close to your business or at our Merseyside UK office. This is our lowest cost consultancy service and you will receive far more value than cost. But to HIRE me, you need to contact me, not NOW but RIGHT NOW! 5 6. These Are The Numbers We provide business social media marketing & business growth support to over 200 Linkedin business owner clients & customers every month. With over 200 global Linkedin experts & business growth specialists, we have the capacity to take on more local, national & International clients who are looking for profitable business growth. 6 7. This Is The Market We provide a comprehensive world wide business growth from social media marketing service. We have over 525 clients representing just about every type of business sector. We service small, medium & large business enterprises. 7 8. Weve Done The Research Weve identified & field tested proven tactics & strategies to grow any type of business from tapping into over 187 million regional, national & International Linkedin business associates. Two new business members join Linkedin every second. Over 57% of Linkedin members are business decision makers. Well grow your business connections by leveraging maximum advantage from these decision makers. Weve identified how to fast track your business growth from Linkedin business connections,while your competitors struggle under a major economic downturn. Very few Linkedin members know how to leverage Linkedin for profitable business growth, but WE DO.8 9. These Are The Reasons OurProfessional Services Sell1. Our business social media marketing service is success proven.2. We help all size businesses from multiple business sectors in multiple global destinations.3. We are genuinely friendly & approachable.4. We deliver fast, & always exceed key performance indicators.5. Our clients & customers rave about our professional expertise.6. Weve never encountered a business we couldnt help grow.7. Our fees are extremely affordable & we always deliver a great return on your investment. 9 10. Client Recommendations All things being equal, most people prefer to buy professional services from a person or business that is trusted by several existing & prior customers, or clients. Over 280 clients, customers and business associates have posted fantastic recommendations about our professional social media & business growth marketing expertise on Linkedin. With over 2,500 client & associate endorsements we know you will be also be wowed by our professional services.10 11. Call To Action We want to help you and your business grow exponentially in a long term sustainable and profitable manner. But you need to take the first step and contact us for a consultation that that can really help propel your business growth to a new level. You need to contact us, not NOW, but RIGHT NOW! 11 12. Contact Us Today Contact our UK office today Link Business Marketing Ltd T: UK 0843 155 0008 T: UK (0) 151 721 9078 E: drmarkdyates@aol.com W: www.elinked.eu 12 13. 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