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Urban Tweak

Urban Tweak Balancing Your Lifestyle


UT MOTO ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Handcrafted natural food made from locally source fresh ingredients & avoiding the ambiguous chemicals and additives common to so much of the 'prepared' and 'fast' food on the market today


UTs Core Concept______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Made For Today, Gone Today All our lovingly hand made preparations on the sites and in our Central Kitchen does not possess expiry date hence; product made during the day would sell only for that particular day and does not get carry over for the next day sell.


Potential Market at ITs & Corporate______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

High-End Corporate Clients working long hours each day.Hectic work schedules with restricted time frame for food intakeCraving for healthy & light food options with quick take away productsKeeping track of there daily Calorie & Fat intakesCarry on with young outgoing life style Heading to Junk street food, Just for a change from daily meal


UTs Meal Services___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Regular, Limited & Unlimited Lunch / DinnerCombo Lunch / DinnerBreakfast / Evening SnacksJuices / Sandwich PantryMRP & Ice CreamsTheme LunchFood festivals


Todays Diet Essentials______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Facilitate Healthy and Diverse food options to support today's fast living style

Possible balance diet throughout the day

Food that's good on pallet and to the body physics too


UTs Diversified Food Options ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Corn Rolls 146 0.2gPita Bread275 0.2gBaguettes200 0.6gFrench Loaf221 0.2gFresh Salads31 0.1gPrune Juice40 0.0gOat Cookies280 2.0g Thin Soups210 1.7g

amount per 100 grams Calories Fat


UTs Inspiring Natural Ingredients ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Brown Bread (We use only BROWN Bread)Sprouted BeansYogurt Mayo Sauce Spread (Alternative to Mayonnaise)Romanian LettuceIceberg LettuceOven Roasted StuffingNatural SyrupsFresh Fruits, Dry FruitsFruit PureeCorn on the CobOlive OilEnglish Yellow Mustard Sauce


UTs Amazingly Healthy Breakfast______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Corn Flakes with Warm Milk and Fruit Puree

Scrambled Egg on Toast

Fresh Fruit Salad

Calories: 230 Kcal to 370 KcalFat: 0.49g to 1.8g

amount per each servings


UTs Amazingly Healthy Recipe _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Bean Sprout & Veg SaladFattoush SaladPenne Arabiata Salad

Calories: 231 KcalFat: 0.4g

amount per 100 grams


UTs Amazingly Diversified Snacks __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Italian Bruschetta,

Garlic Bread

Focaccia Bread

Plain Dry Fruits

Calories: 382 Kcal. 280 Kcal, 225 Kcal, 190 KcalFat: 4.g, 2.8g, 2.1g, 2.78g

amount per 100 grams


UTs Amazingly Balanced Meals______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________BBQ PaninisChicken Tikka in French LoafEgg, Mushroom Burger BunVeg Brown ToastieCheese Chilli RollChicken Salami in Pita S/W

Calories: 240 Kcal to 376 KcalFat: 3.1 g to 4.8 g amount per 100 grams


Healthy Options


Seasonal Promotions


UTs MRP Counter ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So much we do care about the food we offer in our outlet that with every supplier of ours we make sure the quality and hygiene will be the top most priority at all given time. Our supplier of MRP products are highly recognised in market for their product consistency and delightful satisfaction.


UTs Few Proposed MRP ProductsTomato Shev 70 gmRs. 20/-Triangle Samosa60 gm Rs. 20/-Sheng Bhujiya75 gm Rs. 20/-Mix Farsan70 gm Rs. 15/-Doolar Papad60 gm Rs. 20/-Schzwan Sticks7o gm Rs. 20/-Plain Banana 80 gm Rs .25/-Masala Banana 80 gm Rs .20/-Diet Chiwda 70 gm Rs. 15/-Diet Moong Chakli 70 gm Rs. 20/-Bottled soft drinks, Packed juices, biscuits & cookies would be additionalCream rolls, Veg and Paneer puffs, Lassi variants, Buttermilk, Diet- Bhel,


IBM, Quadra 1, Hadapsar


HSBC, Yerawda


Pastries & Fruits, Synechron


MRP Variants


On Site Team Training___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


UTs Central Kitchen, Kothrud________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


UTs Central Kitchen, Kothrud_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Delivery Time_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Central Kitchen, Kothrud Calsoft, Bavdhan

3.5 km, Cover in 15 min maximum


Thanking You


Believe us; Momos are very good for your social life.

When you are eating momos, you chat and share lots of fiery buzz. And then they taste even great, so.. Grab a portion or share our Hot & Steamy Momos over fresh gossips in GLTs.VegChicken

4 pcsRs. 30/-Rs. 40/-

6 pcsRs. 40/-Rs. 50/-