“ The beauty of Islamic teachings in a non-Muslim country” by Amir Qayyum Che Norddin

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Transcript of “ The beauty of Islamic teachings in a non-Muslim country” by Amir Qayyum Che Norddin

AMIR QAYYUM BIN CHE NORDDIN The beauty of Islamic teachings in a non-Muslim country

My trip to Canada that co-organized by IIT and IIUM, is a trip that I will remember forever. A journey with other University mates, and all the volunteers, members and directors of IIT is a journey beneficial to my friends and I.

Firstly, through this trip, it enables me to learn about Canadian culture, especially, the culture of Muslim community in Canada. Canadians especially Muslim, consist of many races and cultures, historically because most of the Muslim people emigrate from their countries, for instance Pakistan, India and Guyana. Even though there are many different races; in perspective of mazhab and culture, the people, seem to be adapted well together. Canadian Muslim community showed me how beauty of Islam is, by helping each other, even though they come from different backgrounds.

Secondly, what I learnt from this trip, is how to develop a true muslim family. Staying with muslim family is one of the advantages of this trip, that enables me to learn deeper of how muslim families in Canada work and operate. The family that I stayed with, showed me that, the family members doesnt need to be strict about the appearance. Muslim boy can still can wear jeans, and not wearing Islamic cap (kopiah), but still show how beauty of Islam is. I learnt that, it is more important to have internal values, compare to external values. Internal values like, the pure simple understanding of Islam, seriously mesmerize and broaden my view about how beauty Islam is.

Thirdly, what I learnt from this trip is, how beauty and workable, the relations between muslim and non-muslim in Canada. From the explanation of the scholars I met, they mutually agreed that, it is proper and good to have mutual connection with non-muslim, even though Jews as a dakwah. This beauty of relations impressed me, how can in non-muslim countries, the muslim can live peacefully, having good relations with other religious community, how government respect and entertain all the difference among citizens, and how free and beauty is the Islamic practice, can be done, in Canada .

I sincerely hope that, I can be back in Canada, in future insyallah.