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Transcript of ï‚‍ Rev. Graham Hess Rev. Graham Hess ï‚‍ Merrill Hess Merrill Hess...

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  • Rev. Graham Hess Rev. Graham Hess Merrill Hess Merrill Hess Morgan Hess Morgan Morgan Hess Bo Hess Bo Hess Officer Paski Officer Paski Ray Reddy BO Ray Reddy
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  • mise-en-scene: the arrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where a play or movie is enacted. (Setting of the Movie) Setting: the time, place, physical details, and circumstances in which a situation occurs. Settings include the background, atmosphere or environment in which characters live and move, and usually include physical characteristics of the surroundings
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  • A faded image of Merrill, Morgan and Bo. A baby monitor with flashing lights. A fuzzy screen/like a TV going out. Dim blue light After the Credits: A backyard/corn field/ old swing&table Photograph of the family
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  • Bucks County Pennsylvania (USA) 45 miles outside of Philadelphia We know this because the director shows us. Late 1990s/early 2000 Cordless Phone
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  • coming from a source outside story space. The opening song. Piano music after the dog dies.
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  • For example: The crickets in the corn field or the dog barking outside of the house.
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  • (5:51) Rev. Graham Hess is on the phone expressing his concerns regarding the crop circles. He is talking to Lee
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  • The camera is placed higher than the subject, often suggesting a God's-eye view of helpless and vulnerable people. 5:08 The Camera is looking down at the Hess Family and the dogs. They look helpless and vulnerable.
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  • The camera is mounted on a non- moving base and films while pivoting on its axis along the line of the horizon from left to right to right to left. 36:47 Rev. Goes into the corn field at night to look for intruders.
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  • A camera shot taken from a moving dolly. Identify an example of a track shot. (3:44) Rev. Graham Hess and Merrill Hess are running through the corn field in the very 1 st scene of the movie. They can hear the children screaming and the dogs barking.
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  • - A method of making a transition from one shot to another by briefly superimposing one image upon another and then allowing the first image to disappear. A dissolve is a stronger form of transition than a cut and indicates a distinct separation in action.
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  • Rev. Graham Hess and Merrill Hess have just spotted Bo, she is alone in the corn field. She has been screaming. Also, (11:47) after Morgan killed the dog.
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  • Feel free to talk to your neighbour.
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  • Conventions of the Horror Film : the monster (Aliens) is the repressed horrors or fears we have within ourselves and within society. Suspense : How does the director Night Shyamalan build suspense in the movie Signs?
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  • Find two scenes in the movie Signs where the author uses this technique to put the audience on the edge of their seats even before any scary stuff even happens. Scene 1: (1:18) The aliens 1 st attack the house. Scene 2: (1:22) Morgan in front of Coal Shoot.
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  • Point of View: sometimes called over the shoulder shot- the camera takes on the perspective of the characters eyes. A Reaction Point of View shot: It is usually established by being positioned between a shot of a character looking at something, and a shot showing the character's reaction. 1:22- We see Morgans reaction to the Alien through the Rev. Eyes. This enhances the fear of the unknown
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  • Iconography Iconography is the representation of an idea through an image: Iconography is an important aspect of genre. We expect to see certain objects on screen when we see a particular genre, for example, in a Western, dusty lonely roads, saloon bars, cowboy hats and horses, jails, sheriffs badges, guns, etc.; in a modern horror film, we expect young girls, normal objects, use of dark and light and suspense.
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  • It is old, haunted, coal shoot.... It reminds us of the classic haunted house stories we heard when we were children.
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  • Bo does not want to drink the water because it is dirty. (She is pure) The water kills the evil Alien because it is pure. Ray Reddy thinks it is safe by the water.
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  • In the film The Open Spaces Between Characters, The Repetition of Family Portraits and The Empty Chairs are all symbols of The Loss of Wife and Mother. Find an example of one of these three symbols and write a brief description of the scene. Family Portraits: at the very start of the movie. Empty Chairs: 16:48
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  • When the Rev. Is having a lapse in faith the film fades out into one of his memories of his wife. Thus, the loss in faith is emphasized through the use of fades.
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  • The idea that a person may turn away from faith but that faith does not disappear is reinforced by the repetition of the cross. 2:58 48:53
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  • The fact that aliens blend into the background suggests that evil is camouflaged in the familiar. In our modern day society is evil camouflaged in the familiar? If so, provide an example. 38:00
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  • Grahams internal struggles are most strongly illustrated through the use of light and shadow. Find two examples in the film where Graham is struggling internally. Is the scene dark or light? Are there any shadows? 42:20- Rev. Talking about faith/luck and his wife. 1:10
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  • Analyze the Alien Shot on the Roof: Bo Tells Graham, She doesnt answer me either, Grahams emotional state is emphasized by what type of a shot? Describe the shot. -Long Shot of Alien on roof..................... 13:26
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  • The image of the house in Morgans alien book. 51:00
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  • Create a storyboard for the Alien Attack Scene on Morgan. 132:59