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Slide 2 Real Portfolio... ASOS Barclays Easy Jet Savills Oxford Instruments? HAYS Investment The Economist Future Guest Speakers Queries Bloomberg Test... Slide 3 Wednesday 13 th March 2013 @ 1.30pm. IT SUITE D; John Foster Building Multiple Choice Exam Free of charge Seven of the first 60 test takers from LJMU have already been contacted for career opportunities with BP and GETCO. Not just for finance students... Slide 4 Slide 5 Profit = 14,503.44 Very encouraging start to opening period of 2013 Overall FTSE 100 has increased by 4.o3% since Jan 2013 LSU trading has seen a profit increase of 15% since Jan 2013 Slide 6 Top 20 traders in the society. Exceptional performances from these individuals. Standard rate of interest currently; 2.5% Screenshot taken: Monday 26 th January 2013 14.30 1 st - 50.00 2 nd - 25.00 3 rd - 10.00 Slide 7 Definition: A report created annually that provides an analysis and assessment of the trends of the past year. A required document that is made available to fund shareholders on a fiscal year basis. It discloses certain aspects of a the companys operations and financial condition The information within an annual report has to meet the Accounting Standards Board criteria of being relevant, reliable, comparable and understandable. Why Are They Important: Annual reports help shareholders understand how their investment is doing. They are also a good starting point for people who are considering buying shares in a company for the first time When preparing or analysing an annual report it gives the user the opportunity to reflect on the financial standing of the business for the current year and compare the given information with previous periods as to see the true credibility of the company. Slide 8 The report must be provided to shareholders to describe the companys operations and financial conditions. The front part of the report often contains a glossy introduction with an impressive combination of graphics, photos and an accompanying narrative, all of which chronicle the companys activities over the past year. The back part of the report contains detailed financial and operational information. Typically, an annual report will contain the following sections: -Financial Highlights -Letter to the Shareholders -Narrative Text, Graphics and Photos -Management's Discussion and Analysis -Financial Statements: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss etc. -Notes to financial statements -Auditor's Report -Summary Financial Data -Corporate Information 2011 Barclays PLC Annual Report (PDF) 2011 Barclays PLC Annual Report (PDF) Slide 9 Important to get a good understanding of company data beyond simple is it going up or down mentality In future years the society will have to be able to make supportable decisions regarding stocks and compare its past and present investments Gives an opportunity to put your university modules into action by applying what you learnt in the classroom to the real world. Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 We are still in profit overall of 14,114.71 This is less than previous weeks due to recent events and a relative dip in the market. This will be discussed further on. If we check again at todays close, arguably the performance will be better. Slide 13 Sold Ceres Power Holdings with a profit of 4525 Sold Kazakhmys with a slight loss of 100 Bought into Oxford Instruments recommended last time and should provide stability Also bought Thomas Cook Group represents good value Slide 14 Mulberry has remained our strongest performer; brand power and buying at a very cheap rate has prevailed in this instance. This has been a very safe stock for our portfolio and could be a recommendation. Slide 15 Slide 16 easyJet has also been one of our strongest performers; HOWEVER!!!! Arguably, it has hit its peak value at 10.00 and may start to either drop off, or remain around this value. Overall, we have made a great return from this stock. Slide 17 Slide 18 Unfortunately I made the transaction to buy 10,000 worth of TCG shares on Friday immediately after the markets took a dip and we have lost 750. The strategy here is to hold until they return to their value and not to sell straight away. I believe they will continue to rise consistently as they are good value. Slide 19 Slide 20 Moodys reduced the UKs credit rating from AAA to AA1 this did not have such a majorly detrimental effect on the markets, but UK based shares did take a slight hit as confidence in UK investments decreases. The main reason behind the dip is the Italian elections. Slide 21 European stock markets have fallen, with the inconclusive election result in Italy raising fears that political deadlock will delay economic reforms. Italy's FTSE MIB index fell 4.9%, while London's FTSE 100 shed 1.3% and share markets in Frankfurt and Paris fell well over 2% each. Yields on Italian bonds also rose indicative of wary lenders to Italy. Slide 22 Slide 23 We should be on target to make 20% profit by the end of the academic year if stocks continue the way they are. ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?! Slide 24 Slide 25 Currently the Club only deals in stocks but there are other options. These include FOREX or Foreign Exchange Government Bonds/Gilts High Interest Bank Accounts Gold and other precious metals Property Slide 26 Involves the buying and selling of currency. High earning potential. Low starting capital with high leverage. Up to 200 times original capital investment With no commission. 24 Hours 5 Days a week. Bid: Price a bank would offer to buy the currency. Ask: Price a bank would offer to sell it. Bank will pocket the difference known as the Bid/Ask Spread. Movements in these rates are known as Pips (1/100 of 1%) Slide 27 Recent UK Moodys AAA to AA1 downgrade weakening the pound. Longer-term, analysts expect the fall in value of the pound to continue. It has lost about 7% of its value against the dollar and euro this year. (BBC News) UK losing safe haven status?? Slide 28 Different FOREX markets Spot Futures Forwards With this high leverage comes high risk you may lose 200times your original investment! Currencies are still quite volatile as countries are only beginning to deal with problems left by the 2008 financial crisis. Slide 29 Government promises to pay regular interest payments. Along with Capital Sum upon maturity of the Bond. These are generally low risk followed by equally modest returns. The risk/return of Bonds depends of the strength of the country in question. This is reflected in the yield offered. High Risk Greece high of 37.10% March 2012 Slide 30 Key bank debt deal with ECB. Bank Debt to be converted to bonds. Soon to make more 10year Bonds available. Strong performance as Bonds are down to pre recession levels of 3.8% Slide 31 Slide 32 Oxford Instruments is the first substantial commercial spin-out company from the Uni of Oxford Specialises in design, manufacture and support of hi- tech tools and systems for industry research Products: Coating Thickness Measurement, Cryogenic Systems, Electron Spectroscopy, Nanofabrication, Spectrometers, Superconducting Magnets. 2 nd January 2013, Mars: The NASA curiosity land rover analysed surface samples of the mars for the first time, using a specially designed Oxford Instruments X-ray tube. Outstanding products? Slide 33 Strong global presence Quick at entering new markets where science is becoming more important Strong emphasis on opportunities to grow Smart business strategy? Slide 34 Proven to be a safe investment which is resistant to shock Steady growth (going up by 500 points every year) Broker recommendations tend towards Buy Solid stock performance?