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PUBLISH A BOOK AND GROW RICHMotivation www.iamKornphong.comLine: chadiPhone

Using the book to build a business

Overcome your believe system


Likes attract likes, Hates attract hates

WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, YOU BRING ABOUTWhatever you think and say, the subconscious will make it happenEverything you do in conscious mind, they are kept in subconscious mind.

REMEMBER: Subconscious


2 WAYS to REPROGRAM Subconscious (mind)Spaced Repetition Emotional Impact ( 90 100% Compliance ) http://publishabookandgrowrich.com/cnc

DECIDE FIRST, the procedure will come You dont get rich listening to rich people, you DO to get rich


Wrong ideas Perfect So the idea is Get it DOWN, then get it RIGHT


Business Card + Brochure = JUNK

Human Filter Human FilterWhen people try to sell you somethingYour filter will block instantlyBUT, not with a book.People will perceive you as an author not a salesman

Why writing a bookEverybody needs to stand out. Other approaches seem to be quite occupied. Writing book is still a blue ocean and unique.


Left Brain Right Brain

Right Brain:

Creative, Emotional, Musically talented, Follow intuition

Left Brain:

Logical, Like Numbers, Analytical Thinking, Likes Planning and order

Step 1: Primary ObjectiveGet on radio To build a databaseTo book appointmentsTo generate traffic in my establishmentTo sell seminarTo sell booksSpeak for a fee/become a speakerBuild credibilityMeet peopleOpen doorsImprove advertising results**Do TV interviewBecome an expert **Get better clientsSell products or services **Sell booksTell your storyGet a job or better jobInfluence your industryOpen new marketMore visibleBuild personal brand **Meet famous people

Step 2: Target Population (T.POP)AgeSexOccupationEducationMarital statusIncomeWhere do they like to eat/shop?How much do they spend on?What make them mad/upset?What do they do for fun?What make them buy?How many people are in this T.POP?Where do they live?Rural or Urban?How many friend do they have?Do they take vacations?

Step 3: Needs, Desires and ProblemsStressSelf-esteemVocationalRelationalFinancialFeels confinedFeels not being heardNo timeBos pressuresSpeed issuesFearGot bad serviceGot bad adviceEconomicFamily relatedNegativity Desire to successNeeds more customersConfusedUnsure about changesFeel stuckTired of rat raceWhat to make a differenceIs tired / tired of conflictLack of sexDistrustfulAngryHate

(Title) (Chapter) TOC [10-15 chapters] Significant Statement chapter ( ) Statement [10-15 statements] Ingredient (more emotional) key 3 key ()OUTLINING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CONTENT

TIPS: People (readers) care about themselves3-step formulaPrimary Objective ()Ideal Prospects (a.k.a. Target Population T.POP)Need, Desire, and Problem (NDP) (Controversial) 10 Book is not much about writing as it is engineered

content / Testimonial If you help enough people of their problems, They will help you get what you want

Book title ( pain gain)Book cover ()Back cover (use sale language)TOC ( sale approach in mind)PublisherAuthorISBNPeople always want to make RIGHT decision. When there is a tough decision, they will make NO decision

6 pre-order (8x2) consult ( ) 50 Special Edition Special Edition bundle Purina Purina Special Edition Bonus Chapter 10-20 informational chapter commercial join Feature Profile CASE STUDY BEST PRACTICENote: Dont charge based on what you can afford...Sell on valuePeople are no longer TRUST sellers, they trust book authors because they are experts

sponsorshipList business categories List business companies categories sponsor 1 category

MINDSET: sponsorshipNo beggingInvite to join ventureOffer unique proposition no one ever done beforeBare in mind that

Some will, some wont. So what? I will do it anyway.

List : sponsorship 10 10 offer prospect sponsor 2 The Columbo CloseMy publisher has a way for you to benefit from all the promotion and publicity that will happen when my book get launched. Is that something you might want more information about at some point?Sell UrgencyMy publisher told me that I have to find a [] this week. If you dont want this thats fine but I do have to find one.

( 20) category publisher My publisher wants to make the book very pratical so he asked me to put a chapter at the back of my book entitled: Resources the Author RecommendedsWhen you are an author, you are no longer a salesman

CASE STUDYKPMG booth session KPMG 15 5 5 overview booth KPMG public speaking consulting KPMG .



TIPSNever say eBook because it sounds CHEAPIf you really need to use it, use Downloadable Version


Social Responsibility should be mentioned everywhere.

TIPS USB Flashdrive 3 Book Cover preorderVideo Charity Book author

TIPSNEED, DESIRE and PROBLEM are what people care the most T.POP Solution

TIPSBlame your publisher for being PUSHY when asking the sponsors to buy.

TIPSExplain your FREE BONUS for buying nowAndExplain that a sale portion is given to charity


TIPS 5 consulting course

TIPSAlways customized your speech to fit the audiences

TIPS copy 300 quote

TRENDWomen speaker is rare today. It is their big opportunitiesGary Roberts

() ()

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marketing Andreeamihalcea.com #speedsellingRockUrBrain.com/freeBrandingonashoestringbook.comPurpleMoonCreative.com

HOW TO BECOME A SALE SUPERSTARList Chapters Closing SalesProspectingHandling ObjectionsAttitudeRapportDressNetworkingSetting GoalsGetting a CoachTime ManagementEnthusiasmProduct KnowledgeAdvertisingFollow-upLead Management

HOW TO BECOME A SALE SUPERSTAR TOC AttitudeSetting GoalsAdvertisingProspectingNetworkingRapportHandling ObjectionsClosing SalesTime ManagementFollow up

HOW TO BECOME A SALE SUPERSTARChapter 1: Attitude (Listing )Let Go of PastOld ProgrammingSelf EsteemExerciseSelf ConfidenceLaughterHappinessPersonal DevelopmentEducationGetting a coachGoal SettingNutritionStress ReliefBalance


THANK YOU www.iamKornphong.comEmail: chad@iamKornphong.comLine: chadiPhone