ï‚‍ Pig ï‚‍ Sheep ï‚‍ Duck ï‚‍ Cow...

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Transcript of ï‚‍ Pig ï‚‍ Sheep ï‚‍ Duck ï‚‍ Cow...

On the Farm

On the FarmBy Sophie Mangan

Animals on a farm PigSheepDuckCowEmuChickenHorseRoosterDogCatGoat

DucksLive in a pondLike waterEat reedsHave babies called ducklingsThe mum is called a duckThe dad is called a drake

PigsLive in styLike the mudSome have a baby called pigletsPiglets drink milkEat scrapsDrink water and milk

Places on the farmStyBarnPaddockHouseStableCoopShedDairyKennel

Baby animalsCalfPuppyDucklingGoslingPigletLambKitten for catKitten for bunny

ChickensIt takes 21 days for a chick to hatchWhen a chick has hatched out of its egg it is wetChicks are fluffy after they are born

Cows and bullsBulls are boy cowsCows are girl cowsCows eat hay and grassCows give us milkCows have babies