OS30 CL. V Internal electrical plants, telephone, radio and television plants Euro 5.164.228 ITALIAN

download OS30 CL. V Internal electrical plants, telephone, radio and television plants Euro 5.164.228 ITALIAN

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Transcript of OS30 CL. V Internal electrical plants, telephone, radio and television plants Euro 5.164.228 ITALIAN

  • Imemont eng Ed. 02.2016


    Engineering, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of

    electro-instrumental plants and substations up to 380 KV

  • Imemont eng Ed. 02.2016

    MAIN DATA SHARE CAPITAL € 185.760,00 _____________________________________________________________________________

    LOCATION – OFFICES – FACTORY Via Provinciale n.608 - 24059 Urgnano (BG) Phone +39 035 4814211 Fax +39 035 4814333 e-mail: preventivi.mont@imequadriduestelle.it e-mail: imemont@imequadriduestelle.it web: www.imequadriduestelle.it – www.imemont.it

    MILAN OFFICE Via Comelico n.3 - 20135 Milano Phone +39 02 5450080 - 59901371 e-mail: imedirmi@imequadriduestelle.it Fax +39 02 5460380 _____________________________________________________________________________________________

    SISTER-COMPANIES Imequadri Duestelle S.p.A. via Provinciale n.568 - 24059 Urgnano (BG) Phone 035 4814211 e-mail: commerciale.quadri@imequadriduestelle.it Fax 035 4814333 Enneci S.r.l. via Della Giardina, n. 5 - 20900 Monza (MB) Phone 039 2783036 e-mail: enneci@imequadriduestelle.it Fax 039 2781459 IME Romelectrica Srl Aleea Emil Botta, nr. 4, Sect. 3, Bucuresti Phone +40 31 405 24 13 e-mail: imeromsales@gmail.com Fax +40 21 326 05 52 _____________________________________________________________________________ EMPLOYEES year 2014 Clerks and foremen n. 21 Assembly specialised workers n. 35 Total n. 56 ( 32 external workers)


    2010 K Euro 14.725 2011 K Euro 14.765 2012 K Euro 11.805 2013 K Euro 10.296 2014 K Euro 11.480 2015 K Euro 13.125

  • Imemont eng Ed. 02.2016

    QUALIFICATIONS _______________________________________________________________________________ ENEL GROUP ENEL SPA LEII09 Electrical mountings (TCA with Imequadri Duestelle S.p.A.) ENEL DISTRIBUZIONE SPA LESC01 Production of complete HV substations (TCA Imemont S.r.l. and Enneci S.r.l.) TERNA SPA Electrical and electromechanical mountings in HV plants in operation (TCA with Imequadri Duestelle S.p.A.) EDISON SPA AP02 – Electro-instrumental 5200 – Electro-instrumental mountings 0336 – New Power Plants/Revamping 0130 – HV/SSE 0336 – New Power Plants/Revamping AP0406 – Maintenance 0130 – Electrical plants/SSE AT 0595 – Electro-instrumental plants RETE FERROVIARIA ITALIANA (Italian Railway Company) LTE – 001 Electrical cubicles and substations production PUBLIC WORKS QUALIFICATION APPOINTMENT EGMONT SOA - APPOINTMENT N° 30268/10/00 CATHEGORIES: OG9 CL. IV Plants for the production of energy Euro 2.582.284 OG10 CL. V Plants for H/MV transformation and for electric power distribution in ac and dc current Euro 5.164.228 OS16 CL. III Plants for electric power production Euro 1.032.913 OS30 CL. V Internal electrical plants, telephone, radio and television plants Euro 5.164.228 ITALIAN CERTIFICATION ON COMPANY QUALITY SYSTEMS ISO 9001:2008 – Certificate n° 9145.IME1 OHSAS 18001:2007 – Certificate n° 9192.IMO2 ISO 14001:2004 – Certificate n° 9191.IM03

    ALBIQUAL subscription N. 970

    Institute of the of Qualified installers Register - UNAE - CATHEGORIES AT - MT – BT

  • Imemont eng Ed. 02.2016

    MAIN TOOLS - N. 1 Electric forklift LUGLI 20 q - N. 1 Diesel forklift MITSUBISHI 25 q - N. 1 Elevating Working Platform GENIE Z45/25 working height 16 m - N. 1 SCANIA Truck with crane ( PALFINGER PK 21000 p.ta 61 q. ) bridge developable ( capacity 200 kg) . - N. 2 Vehicles FIAT SCUDO transport of 3 people - N. 1 Motor vehicle FIAT DOBLO transport of 5 people - N. 1 Car FIAT PUNTO VAN - N. 1 Car OPEL CORSA VAN - N. 13 Vehicles FORD TRANSIT / FIAT DUCATO / OPEL MOVANIO mixed transport materials / people. • Box office use insulated construction site • Container storage use metal equipment / materials of construction • Toilet yard • Electrical panels , socket combinations F.M. and conductors for electrical equipment yard • Generators of electricity up to 6 kVA • Mobile scaffold for heights up to 12 m of various types • No. 3 winches for cable laying continuous pull 25dakN • Probes cable-inserting up to 200 m • Rollers stretch cables support , suspended, pipe inlets , etc ... for laying of cables conductors • Equipment coils-unwrapping electrical cables reach up to 70 q ( hydraulic and mechanical ) • Shears cable cutters • Electric and manual hydraulic presses for section conductors MV and LV copper/aluminum up to 630 sq. mm • Hydraulic presses for electrical conductors AT sections up to 1,350 sq mm • Equipment for installation of ropes or hose connections in AT • bending machine hydraulic motorized and manual up to 4 " • Tapping motor bench for tubes up to 3 " and threading motor operated up to 2" • Jacks, hoists, pulleys, pallet trucks, lift Genie, etc ... • Complete workbenches • Fold bars and punching machines for processing copper and electrical oil-dynamics • Torque wrenches for tightening to 780 Nm • Stationary Factory construction site • Electrical equipment and manuals supplied to the foreman • Electromechanical tools baskets for working of each individual EQUIPMENT FOR TESTS - Relay test ISA 3/TRE F - Meter Chauvin Arnoux TERCA 2 - Meter impedance fault THYTRONIC IMP- METER 2 - Digital Multimeter SIEMENS B 1021 - Meter Insulation Elektrotechn UH 28P - Meter Insulation KYORITSU 3131A - Differential try relays HT ITALIAN SPEED TEST 2018 - Insulation Meter HT7052 HT ITALY - Power injector 600 A TIME CSU / AT - Insulation Meter Test set 80kV HV TIME - EUROTRON electronic calibrator MicroCal 20 DPC - Infrared camera FLIR T335 - Relay test FOSTER SCITS 100 - Meter impedance fault MEGGER INSTRUMENTS L. LT5 / 2 - Meter Insulation BAUR PGK 110HB - Indicator of the phase rotation KYORITSU KEW 8031 - Lighting meter HT306 HT ITALY - Infrared temperature meter FLUKE 63 IR

  • Imemont eng Ed. 02.2016

    MAIN CUSTOMERS ________________________________________________________________________________ POWER MANUFACTURERS/ DISTRIBUTORS A2A Milano/Brescia A.C.E.A. Roma C.V.A. S.p.A. Edison S.p.A. EDIPOWER S.p.A. Gruppo ENEL S.p.A. EUSEBIO ENERGIA S.p.A. HERA Modena Hydro Dolomiti Enel Srl IREN S.p.A.(ex IRIDE Energia) SELNET S.p.A. TERNA S.p.A. GENERAL CONTRACTORS / ENGINEERING COMPANIES ABB S.p.A. Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A. Alstom Power S.p.A. ALSTOM T&D (ex Areva) Andritz Hydro Srl Carlo Gavazzi Impianti S.p.A. Fenice S.p.A. Ing. Ferrari S.p.A. Intergen Nuovo Pignone Prisma Impianti S.p.A. Schneider Electric S.p.A. SIAD S.p.A. Sices Srl Siemens S.p.A. Techint S.p.A Tecnimont S.p.A. VOITH Hydro S.p.A. CHEMISTRY INDUSTRIES Istituto Lusofarmaco d’Italia Patheon S.p.A. FOOD INDUSTRIES AIA S.p.A. Agricola 3 Valli Barilla S.p.A. Centrale del Latte Roma Heineken Italia S.p.A. Lactis S.p.A. Parmalat S.p.A. CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES / REFINERIES Air Liquide S.p.A. Akzo Nobel Coatings S.p.A.

  • Imemont eng Ed. 02.2016

    Ausimont S.p.A. BASF Italia S.p.A. Bayer S.p.A. Flamma S.p.A. Montefibre S.p.A. P.P.G. Industries (Max Mayer Duco) Poli Ind. Chimica S.p.A. Polynt S.p.A. Prosintex S.p.A. Rohm & Hass S.p.A. SABO S.p.A. Siad S.p.A. SOL S.p.A. TAMOIL Raffinazione IRON INDUSTRIES / COPPER, ALUMINIUM PRODUCTION Acciaierie ARVEDI S.p.A. Acciaierie Valbruna S.p.A. ATA S.p.A. Carlo Colombo S.p.A. Colata Continua Italiana S.p.A. Danieli & C. Off. Mecc. S.p.A. FBM Hudson Ferreria Valsabbia Fiat S.p.A. Fomas S.p.A. Giannetti Ruote S.p.A. Inox Fucine S.p.A. Iveco S.p.A. (Gruppo FIAT) Lucchini S.p.A. Montello S.p.A. Novelis Italia S.p.A. Pontenossa SpA Ring Mill S.p.A. Same Deutz-Fahr Italia S.p.A. Tenaris Dalmine S.p.A. Trafilerie Gnutti Vedani C. Metalli S.p.A. TEXTILE INDUSTRIES / DYE WORKS / TANNERIES Conceria Conti S.p.A. Honegger S.p.A. Legler Industria Tessile S.p.A. Mario Boselli Yarns S.p.A. MITI S.p.A. GLASS INDUSTRIES / CERAMICS / CEMENT FACTORIES Cementeria Adria-Sebina Lafarge S.p.A. Cementirossi Cementi Zillo S.p.A. Floor Gres S.p.A. Società del Gres Saint Goabin Isover Italia S.p.A. V.P.M. Malberti S.r.l.

  • Imemont eng Ed. 02.2016

    GRAPHIC INDUSTRIES / PAPER INDUSTRIES / TIMBER Cartiera del Garda Cartiera Paolo Pigna S.p.A. Cartiera Sarego Fratelli Pozzoni S.p.A. Nuovo Ist.It. Arti Grafiche PLASTIC MATERIAL MOULDING INDUSTRIES / RUBBER Confalonieri F.lli S.p.A. Gewiss S.p.A. Gio Style S.p.A. Datwyler (ex Helvoet Pharma) S.p.A. Pirelli S.p.A. Royalite Plastics SABIC Innovative Plastics Italia 3M Italia S.p.A. OTHER SECTORS Autostrade S.p.A. Azienda Ospedaliera di Treviglio Baldassini e Tognozzi S.p.A. Fiat Group MEMC S.p.A. RFI S.p.A. SACBO S.p.A. ST Microelectronics Srl

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    Anno /

    Year Comm.nr. Progetto / Project Cliente / Customer Caratt./Details Luogo / Place Cat.


    2015 1.199/15 Montaggi elettromeccanici cabina primaria AEM S.p.a. AT ITALY OG10 € 282.000

    2015 1.227/15 Realizzazione impianti MT PARMALAT S.p.a. MT ITALY OG10 € 238.000

    2015 1.230/15 Impianti aspirazione fumi secondario

    TENARIS DALMINE S.p.a. BT ITALY OG10 € 192.500

    2015 1.233/15 Sostituzione QMT e QBT cabina 2 SEVEL S.p.a. MT ITALY OG10 € 560.000

    2015 1.238/15 Fornitura quadri BT TU