. Now try this one Challenge:  Is this even possible?...

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Transcript of . Now try this one Challenge:  Is this even possible?...

  • Now try this one

  • Challenge:Is this even possible?One gets stuck.

  • You have been creating graphsThis is a special type of graph represented by what are called nodes and edges. Nodes: are the point or shape that was being connected sometimes called verticesEdges: are the lines that connect the nodes sometimes referred to as arcs.The entire picture/graph is called a network.

  • What do we observe about nodes and edges?What do you observe about the graph?

    What possible reason can you give for this observations?

    Some of the nodes are different sizes

    The number of connections a node has changes the size of the node

  • Network GeneratorsRecreate an already known network based on a set of instructions. Sometimes these generators group them into communities based on the relationships between nodes.Sometimes the communities are overlapping or in the style of a Venn Diagram. We will be learning what these different graphs look like and recreating our own networks to show a relationship within science topics.

  • RelationshipNodes that are connected have a relationship.One node that has many nodes connected to it creates a community. How many communities do you see in the graph to the right?

  • Venn Diagrams in Graph Theory

  • Can you label the nodes, edges, and communities?

  • Nodes: Dots Edges: Lines