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  • . by docniter ce tortersisdowfasicmiplewincenhobaplymu

  • .This is a room. There is a round table in the room. There are four chairs at the table. There is a vase on the table. We can see three red roses in the vase.There are three balls under the table orange, green and blue.The dog is on the chair. It is big and brown.

  • BrownParrotWhiteBearDog BreadSixPigCarrotMixFrogClownHeadBigHareBright

  • am/is/are have got/has got.Hello!My name __ Buratino. I __ from Russia. I __ 7. I __Artemon. He __my friend. He __7 too. Artemon __ a cat. The cat __white and black. I __ a hobby. My hobby __drawing. My sports __tennis and boxing. Buratino

  • Humpty-Dumpty sat on the wall,Humpty-Dumpty had a great a fallAll the kings forces and all the king menCouldnt put Humpty together again

  • monkey, hen, kangaroo, panda, elephantyellow, white, bright, brown, pinkbread, meat, milk, butter, parrotslim, dance, swim, read, writefat, merry, nice, ski, uglywinter, spring, snow, summer, autumnhorse, zoo, river, farm, forest

  • My friend is Billy. We go to together. We like to read and . My friend can play well. He is smart and brave. We like to have breakfast together. Billy sweets, and cakes. I like cabbage and . We are good friends!likes, write, carrots, school, honey, football.

  • .Hello, Whats your name?Im eleven.Have you got a sister?Hello, my name is Peter.How old are you? Yes, Ive got one sister called Mary. Are you a pupil?Goodbye. Yes, Im. I am a pupil.Bye.

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  • Put the article..London is the capital ofGreat Britain.

    .Thames is.longest river.(-)(-)(the)(a)

  • Put the article.English Channel is between.England and..France(the)(-)(-)

  • Put the article1Asia is..largest continent2..Moscow is situated on..Moscow River.3It is warm in ..UK and ..France.(the)(-)(the)(the)(-)

  • Make up comparative and superlative formsBeautiful-Bad-Good-Happy-

    more beautiful- the most beautifulworse- the worstbetter the besthappier- the happiest

  • Put sentences in plural form1 The plate is on the shelf2There is some coffee in the cup.3 Put this knife on the table.1 Plates are on the shelves2 There is some coffee in the cups3 Put these knives on the tables

  • Make a plural form MouseMoneyGooseDayRoofTomatoFootManCherrymicemoneygeesedaystomatoesfeetmencherriesroofs

  • Thank you very much Our congratulations for you