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AgileBaseCamp Lviv 2014: Андрей Мудрий "Від хаосу до Enterprise завдяки Agile"

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  • 1. Agile: Way from Chaos to Enterpriseby Andriy Mudryy (PMP, SCM, SCPO, SCT)R&D Director @ ThinkTank

2. 12 Questions toan Agile believer 3. Question 1Now, Andriy, since you are an Agileexpert tell us how we can use Agileto deliver better? 4. Question 2Our corporate goal set by ExCo is 3000Story Points / Release.Can you make it possible?What do you need? 5. Question 3We dont want to wait till end of Sprintto add a new feature.Can you use your Agile tricks to give itaway to the customers this week? 6. Question 4Arent developers suppose to throw inwell quality code, so we dont pay forQA?What we can do to make devs pushwell quality code? 7. Question 5Do we really need to have AQA to beAgile? 8. Question 6Agile looks to have lots of complicatedrules.Can we KISS? 9. Question 6Agile looks to have lots of complicatedrules.Can we KISS? 10. Question 7My Matrix brainstorming feature isbroken.I see this 3rd release in a row.What can we do to never see thisagain? 11. Question 8I see some ass kicking results from QA.How good we are with next release? 12. Question 9Feature X works unprofessionally.Can you make it better? 13. Question 10We dont want a crystal clear quality.Our priority is time to market and itsour contractual obligation to send therelease next week.What can I do for you to make ithappen? 14. Question 11On the question on Retro what wouldyou need I see More WhiskeyWTF is that? 15. Question 12Our key imperatives are Scale High expertise ExperienceCan you make sure you do everythingright? 16. Your Questions?