+ Costuming Theatre Arts. + Vocabulary Costume: An outfit, including accessories and undergarments,...

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Transcript of + Costuming Theatre Arts. + Vocabulary Costume: An outfit, including accessories and undergarments,...

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  • + Costuming Theatre Arts
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  • + Vocabulary Costume: An outfit, including accessories and undergarments, worn by an actor in a production. Costume Designer: The person in charge of designing all costumes for the production., researching the period, and analyzing the script. Costume crew: The committee in charge of costuming the show. Their main responsibilities: Supply the costumes (make/borrow/buy/reuse) Assist with costume changes and emergencies backstage Clean the costumes Costume plot: a chart listing each character, the acts or scenes in which they appear, and all undergarments, garments and accessories needed.
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  • + Costume Plot Example CharacterActorCostumeAccessoriesNotes SylviaMeganBlue silk dressHat, scarf, heelsHelp tie scarf over shoulder WalterEricBrown suitSpectator shoes, pipe, glasses GrandmaAndreaBlue bathrobeSlippers, tissue box Must look very rumpled BobbyJustinJeans and T-shirtBaseball cap, glove SuzieJackieSoccer uniformSoccer ball, water bottle Dr. CuremeeRobertoBlazer, navy pants, white shirt, tie Stethoscope, notepad, pencil Taken from Glencoes Exploring Theatre, Nancy Prince & Jeanie Jackson, (c) 2005 Play: Calling Dr. Curemee Date: November 12-13 Act 3, Scene 2
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  • + Vocabulary Color Plot- The method of matching characters by color or patten. Costume Silhouette- Each historic periods own distinctive line and form in dress. Costume Parade- A procession during which actors wear their costumes under the lights to ensure the compatibility of the colors. Swatch- A sample of fabric which will be used to make a costume.
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  • + Vocabulary Dressers- Assistants who help actors with costume changes and help care for the cosutmes. Wardrobe Manager- The person responsible for creating the costume plot and caring for the costumes. Renting Costumes: Only having the costumes for a short period.
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  • + Why are Costumes Important? Help the audience see the characters. They show them the characters: Age Personality Tastes Social standing Occupation Help the actors feel and move as characters rather than as themselves
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  • + WICKED
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  • + Things Designers Consider Actors Sizes/Shapes Time Periods Geography Character Personalities
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  • + Mary Poppins STEP IN TIME
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  • + You be the designer!! Use the scripts from your set design project. Choose TWO characters to design costumes for (one MALE, one FEMALE) Costume Design Project -Do a costume plot for the two character for the entire show. -Draw your creations (one design per character) -Present your designs to the class and explain your choices. WE WILL PRESENT ON TUESDAY!!!
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  • + You Be the Designer! Read ALICE IN WONDERLANDALICE IN WONDERLAND Choose two characters to design costumes for (1 male, 1 female) Costume Design Project Do a costume plot Draw your creations Explain your choices