 Ceyx- The king of Thessaly and the son of Lucifer, the light-bearer. He is also the husband of...

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Transcript of  Ceyx- The king of Thessaly and the son of Lucifer, the light-bearer. He is also the husband of...

  • Ceyx- The king of Thessaly and the son of Lucifer, the light-bearer. He is also the husband of AlcyoneAlcyone- The daughter of Aeolus, King if the Winds. Also the wife of Alcyone.Somnus- The God of SleepIris- The Rainbow Goddess and the messenger of the Gods.Morpheus- The son of the God of Sleep and a shapeshifter.

  • Ceyx and Alcyone were lovers who always wanted to be by each others side.However one day, Ceyx had to make a long, dangerous journey and leave Alcyone behind.

  • On the day of the voyage Ceyx and Alcyone said a tearful farewell.On the voyage, the ship hit a terrible hurricaneEverybody died as the ship sank beneath the waves.

  • Meanwhile, Alcyone was praying every night to the gods for Ceyxs safe return, unaware that he was dead.Juno was touched by her prayers for one who had been dead so long.She sent her messenger, Iris, to wake Somnus, the God of Sleep.

  • Iris reported to Somnus what Juno wanted him to doSomnus sent his son, Morpheus to create a dream for Alcyone.

  • Morpheus went to Alcyones house and turned into Ceyx.He convinced her in a dream that Ceyx was dead.When Alcyone woke up she knew that he was dead and wanted to kill herself to join him

  • The next day Alcyone went to the waterfront and saw her husbands bodyShe longed to be with Ceyx, so the gods turned them both into birds.

  • The significance of this myth is that when two people love each other and are truly devoted to each other, not even death can separate them.

  • Pygmalion- Gifted young sculptor of Cyprus, woman-haterVenus- Goddess of passionate loveGalatea- Pygmalions creation and love

  • Pygmalion vowed never to marryHe created a statue and fell in love with it.He obsessed himself with it, but became sad it wasnt real.

  • Pygmalion prayed to Venus at her feast that he would find a women like his statueVenus answered his prayers; when he went back home his statue was alive.

  • The significance of this myth is that true love conquers all, and love can overcome any obstacle.

  • Jupiter- The king of all godsMercury- The messenger of the godsBaucis and Philemnon- A poor couple that lived in Phrygia

  • Jupiter and Mercury went down to Earth(disguised as humans) to test the hospitality of peopleEverybody rejected and insulted them, except one couple.Zeus and Mercury disguised as humans

  • Only one poor couple, Baucis and Philemnon, accepted the gods into their home .The couple eventually realized the guests were gods.The gods drowned the rest of the city, while making the couples house a grand temple.

  • The gods granted them their wish that theyd die together and be the priests of Jupiters temple.They lived cozily and they eventually both turned into a single tree instead of dying.

  • The significance of the myth is that it is extremely important to be hospitable; and the Greeks/Romans honored hospitality greatly.