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  • Turn in your Asoka DBQ packetGet a bookTurn to pg 84-85Read about the geography and climate of ChinaAs you read, think about how China compares/contrast with the other ancient civilizations we have discussedBell Ringer

  • Two major rivers flow through China:Huang He (Yellow River) flows for 2,900 miles from Mongolia to the Pacific OceanChang Jiang (Yangtze River) is longer, flowing for 3,400 miles across central China and empties into the Yellow Sea.These two river valleys are two of the great food producing valleys.Unfortunately, only 10% of China is suitable for farming (USA = 19%).Most of the rest of the country consist of mountains and deserts

    Geography of China

  • Isolation the mountains and deserts kept the Chinese people separate from other Asian people.When there was contact with the people on the frontier (Mongolians, Turks, and Indo-European), it was usually conflictImpact of geography on China

  • The climate of China varies from region to region due to the elevation in the mountains.China has monsoons, winter monsoons from the mountains and summer monsoons from the seas.Dry seasons and monsoons create significant temperature differences between the north and south (divided by Yangtze River)Geography of China cont


    CentralWinters are long and coldShort summers that are hot and sunny

    SouthThe warmest temperatures year aroundSubtropical climate with hot summers and mild wintersChina by regionNorthFour seasons winters are coldSummers that are hot

  • Identify the four ancient civilizations we have discussed and give a brief description of each civilizations geography and the role it played in the development of each civilization.MesopotamiaEgyptIndiaChinaHomework

  • Complete page 82-83 The Silk RoadRead the passage, analyze the map, and explore the artifacts on the page and then answer the questions.Bell Ringer

  • Read pages 82-83As you read, answer the following questions:What was the Silk Road?Why do you think it was called that?Besides trading goods, what other way did the silk road benefit society?What are two of Chinas most valued exports and carefully guarded secrets?Bell Ringer -The Silk Road

  • Compare and contrast the Ancient Chinese dynasties (Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han)What were the years of the dynasty?Identify the political structure/changes for eachWho were important people for each?Explain the social structure for eachWhat are accomplishments that occurred during each dynasty?What religious beliefs/thoughts occurred during each dynasty?How did each dynasty end?

    Chinese Dynasties