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  • Jonathan@Rotsztain.com www.Rotsztain.com

    I’m Jonathan Rotsztain, a Graphic Designer for 10+ years and partner at ALL CAPS Design since 2011. I’m an experienced communications professional who delivers first-rate design solutions with proven competence meeting client goals and executing innovative creative on time and on budget.

    I’m back in Toronto after stints in Nova Scotia and Vermont. I’ve worked with satisfied progressive businesses and organizations to visually capture the essence of an organization and produce inviting materials that are easy to navigate and exciting to look at.

    I specialize in and offer the following services: Project Management, Brand Identity, Marketing, Editorial Design and Communications Writing

    www.Rotsztain.com | www.ALLCAPSdesign.com 647 209 4240 | Jonathan@Rotsztain.com

  • Jonathan@Rotsztain.com www.Rotsztain.com

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    Various Clients BRANDING

  • Jonathan@Rotsztain.com www.Rotsztain.com

    WE Charity / ME to WE CAMPAIGNS

    What is your gift to Canada?

    Tell WE about your gift to Canada on its 150th anniversary

    Enter for a chance to win.


    No purchase necessary. Contest opens 2:00 PM ET 6/1/2017 and closes 11:59 PM ET 6/15/2017. To enter, upload a written or video entry at www.we.ca/gift-to-canada, describing your gift to Canada’s next 150 years. Odds of winning depend on number of entrants. One (1) Grand Prize and Four (4) Runner-Up Prizes will be awarded to selected entrants before 6/20/2017. Grand Prize: two (2) round trip economy ights between airport closest to selected entrant’s hometown and Ottawa, two (2) nights shared hotel accommodations in Ottawa for selected entrant and guest, opportunity to speak on stage during WE Day Canada event taking place on 7/2/2017 on Parliament Hill, and an opportunity to have selected entrant’s story featured in e Globe and Mail (print or online version) subject to e Globe and Mail’s editorial discretion. Runner-Up Prizes: individual opportunity to have selected entrant’s story featured in e Globe and Mail (print or online version) subject to the Globe and Mail’s editorial discretion. Must be legal resident of Canada (excluding Quebec) 13 years or older, not employee, o cer or director of WE Charity or e Globe and Mail (or family member of such individuals). Minors must provide parental consent per direction in O cial Rules. Limit one entry per person. Other limitations apply. Sponsored by WE Charity, 233 Carlton St, Toronto, ON, M5A 2L2. O cial rules (by which all entrants are bound): www.we.ca/gift-to-canada.

  • Jonathan@Rotsztain.com www.Rotsztain.com


  • Jonathan@Rotsztain.com www.Rotsztain.com

    Luminato Festival INTeRvIewING, wRITING, eDITING, DeSIGN

    Under Literary & Ideas curator Noah Richler, I was the 2014 and 2015 Project Manager for the Luminato Festival LightNews newsletter. My responsibilties included organizing all aspects of the publication, contributor wrangling, interviewing, writing and copy editing.

  • Jonathan@Rotsztain.com www.Rotsztain.com

    The West Dublin Monitor PUBLISheR, eDITOR, DeSIGN, AD SALeS

    10 ways to the 'art of Lunenburg

    Check us out at:


    902 640 2013 | 6 Prince St (crn Montague)

    Volume 3 Issue 2 august 2015Uniting the South Shore LaHave River Communities

    free westdublin.caPlease Take and Share

    W e get a lot of joy out of delivering this paper. We love driving up and down the river, sharing voices and stories. Thanks to all the spots that carry our publication and to you for reading. —JR+RR

    Learnt Wisdom

    Artist Rosalie Harmon captures the beauty of the season

    Eastlink’s plan to cap rural internet access is despicable. Four reasons:

    1. Eastlink is a hugely profitable company, with millions in profits each year.

    2. The Bragg family, who owns Eastlink, has a network worth of over $1 billion and are one of the richest families in the province.

    3. Eastlink received millions of dollars in corporate welfare to build the rural internet network. This project was not completed on time and was over budget, leading to a second round of corporate welfare for Eastlink.

    4. Capping internet access in rural areas would be the same as capping electricity in rural areas. It wouldn't be ok to tell rural residents they could only have lights and heat for 8 hours a day, why would it be ok for internet access?

    Telecommunications should be publicly-owned and operated in the public interest—not for the interests of a handful of billionaires.

    Nationalize Eastlink.

    —Kyle Buott, President of the Halifax Dartmouth &

    District Labour Council, HalifaxLabour.ca

    NO To restrictions On

    rural Internet Access

    —Rose Star

    item— There is no truth to the rumour that Watermills Road is going to be renamed the “F N Road” (apologies to Fred) in spite of the fact that it is being called that most frequently these days. Many thanks to those who have taken to posting and marking the myriad of potholes that lie in wait for the unsuspecting motorist.

    —Ed Young, FN Road

    Box 11, LaHave Nova Scotia

    B0R 1C0 (902) 688-2838

    Artisans, Musiciens, Artiste, professionnel de tout genres. C'est incroyable la quantité de talent que l'on retrouve ici. Peut être est-ce le décor, les vues splendides sur la mer ou juste l air salé qui nous inspire. Depuis maintenant presque cinq ans que nous sommes ici. Nous avons eu l occasion durant ces années de saisir plusieurs occasions et sommes très contents d' avoir choisi cette communauté pour y vivre et travailler. Nous tenons à remercier tous ceux qui nous encouragent et qui forme cette communauté. Tout ce que tu veux faire ou rêve de faire, commence-le , l'audace a du pouvoir, du génie, de la magie. Tout est possible ici.

    —Karl, Hilltop-Farm.ca

    TouT esT possible ici

    S ingleminded to the task at hand—whether constructing a painting, writing a song or building a home—if the foundation is weak, it’s a poor start. Frame of mind is everything leading to a good—or not so good, performance. Focus and concentration centres us. Whether you’re a surgeon, accountant or mechanic—if you’re self-aware of working in time and space—you are practicing art. It is this practice that grows our body, mind and soul. The end product is simply a necessity. The patient heals, the product gets sold—end of story. It’s what goes through our minds while performing our given tasks that gives us peace of mind—or not. Living in this moment is art.

    —Greg Tracey, the LaHave Craft Co-op

    Balance in Art and Harmony

    Farmer John has been working overtime in his garden this summer. Now the plants are

    starting to show wonderful produce. —Deborah Croft, BridgewaterPhotoClub.ca

    —Sandra McAndrew

    The Community Dock is put to good use on another fine day at Sperry’s Beach. Thanks to all the volunteers who made it happen!

    COmmuNITy eveNTS

    The Honourable Wilfred P. Moore Liberal Senator - Nova Scotia


    Happy Summer on the South Shore!

    I built this dory thirteen years ago, beginning the year my son Aiden was born. I cut the first boards the weekend before his birth. I think it would take about a hundred hours to build this, maybe something like that, but it took me over a year with my first kid. That was probably a bigger challenge than building a boat. It was finding the time. I use it mostly for pleasure, with a little hunting and fishing as well. I built it cheap, maintain it cheap, and just have fun with it. It’s named Buzz Bomb II from a Dead Kennedys’ album. It's about a stolen car, called the Buzz Bomb. I still like the song. It’s classic punk rock. —Reece Baird, Petite Riviere

    YoGa and PiLates CLasses

    At the Petite Riviere Fire Hall. 10 classes for $60 or

    $12 drop in.

    Gentle Yoga with Alana Robb, Mondays, 10am. Yoga classes are suitable for anyone one of any age or ability who is interested in safely exploring the practice of yoga as a means of reducing stress and increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Info: robbalana@hotmail.ca

    Gentle Pilates with Kathleen Chance, Wednesday at 10am. Pilates classes strengthen the core muscles of the body, improve balance and postural alignment while working with the breath. The classes are designed for a wide range of fitness levels and ages. Info: kathleen.chance@eastlink.ca

    LunenburG sChooL of the arts Site Specific Printmaking with Charley Young. Aug 10-14, 10am- 4pm. $400 + $40 materials fee. Recommended for all levels. Work site specifically to record their impressions of the historic Town of Lunenburg.

    Innovative Processes and Materials for Jewellery with Rebecca Hannon. Aug 10-14, 10am-4pm. $400 + $40 materials fee. Recommended for all levels. Learn about resin casting, mold-making, inlay techniques and beyond, as they relate to contemporary jewellery.

    Spinnaker Seas: Silk Screen Printing on Cloth with Nancy Price. Aug 17-21, 10am-4pm. $400 + $50 materials fee. Recommended f