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Work ofthe pupils of 8AO. ChapchayI. StoykovaO. Trambovetska

Project Excursion about School of Koblevo

Our school is not very old. It was built in 1975. In this year we are going to celebrate its 35th anniversary. It is two-storeyed building of a typical design and stands in a large yard. Our yard is very beautiful, especially in spring, when the trees are in blossom. There are always a lot of birds in spring here. In front of the school there is a sportsground, where we have our PT lessons when the weather is fine.

The ground floor of our school as in most schools is for junior pupils. They are so lively and active that there is always much noise there.

There is a library with great amount of books and magazines. Lubov Volodymyrivna, our librarian, is a very kind and helpful. We can relax in the reading hall.

There is a dining-room where we can have tasty lunch. These are our cooks: Natalia Illivna and Larysa Mykolaivna. They are always sociable and generous.

There is a gymnasium, where the pupils are always welcome.

Our school administrationwants us to be healthyand if something is wrongwe can go to the doctorsroom which is on the firstfloor. Our nurse, LiudmylaBorysivna, is a verytolerant and helpfulwoman.

On the ground floor there is the headmasters room, vice-principals room and teachers room.


On the ground and first floors there are rooms for Ukrainian, Mathematics, Geography, Music, Chemistry, Biology, Foreign Literature, Physics, Labour-training room. They are equipped with necessary devices and literature. Its interesting to study there. Our classrooms are really beautiful, clean, full of sunlight.

Special attention should be paid to our computer class. It has everything for conducting computing. By the way it is the most favourite lesson in our school

And, of course, speaking about our school we cant but stress that the pupils are pride of our school. They have good knowledge of all subjects. They take part in different Olympiads, competitions, contests and show good results.Yulia Lata 5A Tetiana Stoikova 8AOlha Stoikova 5A Olha Trambovetska 8AHalyna Kryminska 6 Nelly Karapetian 8A Sophia Hladchenko 6 Narine Aivazian 9BOlexandr Musharovskiy 7 Rita Prokopchuk 9BIryna Dovbnia 7 Cristina Antoshkina 10 Oxana Demchenko 7 Hanna Panych 10Hanna Malynkyna 8A Lilia Panych 10Iryna Stoikova 8A Ani Veranian 11

The pride of our school, Koblevo Historical museum, is on the first floor.


Everyone who visits our school for the first time admires its warmness, friendship, and is impressed by classrooms which are like gardens because of many plants. And it is really so.