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Transcript of © 2008 IBM Corporation Strategic Overview Damon Wild UK, Ireland InfoSphere Sales Manager.

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2008 IBM Corporation Strategic Overview Damon Wild UK, Ireland InfoSphere Sales Manager Slide 2 Information Management Software Globalization & technology drivingcommoditization at increasing rate Operational efficiency is critical, do more with fewer personnel, drive down internaland external costs, provide maximumreturns The way to prosper is through top-line growth (new revenue streams, new clients, new markets, new channels) The way to growth is through differentiation (create new value for customers, employees, partners,shareholders) The path to differentiation is innovation (seizing the most promising growthopportunities) CEO Study: Innovation and Differentiation http://www.ibm.com/ibm/ideasfromibm/us/ceo/20080505/index.shtml Slide 3 Information Management Software Business Impact Source: Gartner Tangible Business Impact Enterprises have 14 different customer databases on average The cost of a lost or incomplete customer record is $182 66% indicate profitability is negatively impacted by bad customer data 30% of retail item information is incorrect, leading to 3.5% in lost sales One Telco Company reports 90% monthly churn AMEX fined $100M due untimely reporting Slide 4 Information Management Software Product Master Data Asset Master Data External Data Sources Across Structured, Semi-Structured and Unstructured Content Across Transactional, Operational and Analytical Sources Enterprise Data Warehouse Customer Master Data ModelsStandardsSchemasRepositoriesSearchBusiness RulesClassification Metadata Management and Semantic Reconciliation Data Services Data Transformation Content Integration Data Access Data Quality Data Stewardship Data sourcing Data Movement Data Enrichment Customer Data Integration Product Content & Data Management Business Intelligence Applications Enterprise Content Management Custom Applications External Services Package Applications Business Services Repository Integrated Composition Technologies Business Process Composition Gartner Perspective Enterprise Information Management Enterprise Information Management: Getting Value From Information Assets Gartner Business Intelligence Summit 2006 David Newman 6-8 March 2006 Slide 5 Information Management Software The Evolution Trigo SRD Ascential DWL DataMirror LAS Matching, Cleansing, Profiling and Unified Metadata integration Operational Master Data Management Global Name Enrichment Real-Time Change Data Capture Product Information Management Entity Resolution and Analysis Slide 6 Information Management Software The Critical Element is Synergy When aiming to optimize costs in data management and integration initiatives, it is critical to know what steps to take and where significant savings can be realized while maintaining success in these projects. In most cases, the cost of implementing the steps will be far outweighed by the savings that can be realized. -- Ted Friedman, Vice President and Distinguished Engineer, Gartner Slide 7 Information Management Software Provided more complete, accurate, timely, portfolio/fund valuations to client facing portals How are our customers meetings these challenges Mergers and acquisitions SAP consolidation Consolidated billing & metering systems to save 1M per week. Reduced time to deliver by 45%. Unified to common business process & terms. Reduce dev time & costs by 30% & increased adoption Synchronized & mastered core product information & introduction 1 million savings per year & increased sales by 3.5% Optimized traceability & lineage trusted by L.O.B. Trusted information crisis across Business Objects, Oracle Warehouse, & SAS Real-time single view international name matching Reduced risk, meet intl KYC regulations, improve customer identification levels & satisfaction Slide 8 Information Management Software In Context Real-time delivery of relevant information when and where its needed Complete Related information reconciled into a single and holistic view Accurate Complex and disparate data transformed, cleansed and delivered Insightful Comprehensive information management to drive new meaning from your data Leaders Investing to Optimize Information Assets Slide 9 Information Management Software Business & IT Alignment Business Analyst lead design Framework for quality & governance Self documentation and program design Unified Platform Architected to Scale Common Metadata platform E2E lineage and impact traceability Parallel processing SOA framework Real-time capture and change InfoSphere Information Server Full capabilities to deliver Trusted Information Slide 10 Information Management Software Mastering Key Operational Information domains: Customer, Account, Product, Location Event based with SOA Library with 800 pre- packaged business services Maximize time to value based on deployment type and style: registry, transactional, coexistence Single golden source of customer record IBM InfoSphere MDM Server SOA Business Services Batch Data Integration User Interfaces Party Account ProductLocation InfoSphere MDM Server InfoSphere Information Server Slide 11 Information Management Software Improve design / copy collaboration, global product introduction, POS price changes, & management across Information domains: Product, Suppliers, Locations Unified framework to aggregate and syndicate information across a multi-channel organization Foundation for RFID / traceability of; products, parts, incoming / outgoing, discrete, perishables, prescription etc. IBM InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM Flexible Data Model Aggregate & Syndicate Data User Interfaces ProductSuppliersLocations InfoSphere Information Server InfoSphere MDM Server for PIM InfoSphereMDM Server Server Slide 12 Information Management Software Storage Optimization Increase warehouse capacity Performance Management Identifies usage patterns and trends Data Retention based on usage patterns and data governance Workload Management Optimizes workloads and priorities Manage Analyze Reliable Real-Time Delivery InfoSphere Warehouse Real-time and decision support warehousing Embedded analytics changing the game from historical to predictive analysis Embedded data retention and governance Performance managed balanced warehouse appliance InfoSphere Information Server InfoSphereMDM Server ServerInfoSphere MDM Server For PIM InfoSphere Warehouse Slide 13 Information Management Software 20-year blue print IP model based on 500+ implementations used by the fortune 250 to SMB Designed from business contextual best practices and regulatory requirements down not architecture up A key accelerator for business unit or enterprise standardization, process optimization, and SOA Can de-risk (re)engineering initiatives by 3 to 18 months InfoSphere Information Server InfoSphereMDM Server ServerInfoSphere MDM Server For PIM InfoSphereWarehouse IBM Industry Models Slide 14 Information Management Software InfoSphere provides the foundation of trusted information for business intelligence & performance management Trusted information to make accurate decisions Common business vocabulary and metrics traceability Action the combine the value decision and predictive analytics Improve Information : Fidelity, Trust, Agility, Business Results Trusted Information InfoSphere and Cognos Slide 15 Information Management Software Business As Usual: Projects 10x as long with individual tooling Unified Platform Benefits: Decreased risk by 53% Improved business alignment 83% Improve time to value by 75% Reduce project staffing by 90% Our Investments realized as YOUR benefit Source: Customer Case Studies, Industry Analyst Reports